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20 Reg Vehicles set for collection this weekend

March is a notoriously busy sales period for main dealerships with many new models being released to the market to make a statement in 2020. The new registrations bearing the '20' as the numeric part of the registration.

Many manufacturers have new electric models making a debut and revamped existing models being launched to set them apart from their predecessors and above all aiming to get one up on their competition.

  • MY20 CAR
  • MB20 CLS
  • EU20 OPE
  • PO20 CHE
  • TO20 OTA
  • XX20 BMW
  • PE20 EOT
  • RR20 YCE

DVLA Swansea released the '20-Series' back in November 2019 (over 1.2 million registrations) with thousands of combinations getting snapped up by investors, traders and the general public. However these cannot be used on any pre-registered vehicle and are restricted to use on brand new vehicles registered on or after 1st March 2020.

These are as usual in the format TWO LETTERS, 20, then THREE LETTERS, for example ST20 RMY or AB20 WNS.

As per DVLA rules and regulations, obscene registration plates get banned each year as the agency (does it's best) not to allow anything that is likely to cause offence - including those number plates which can potentially make words of a racial, religious or sexual nature, although some do inevitably slip through the DVLA screening net each year!

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