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The Most Interesting License Plates In The World

Many countries around the world now have introduced private or personalised licence plates where the owner or driver can add letters or numbers which maybe more attractive than a standard issue combinations. 

Hong Kong, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Australia each have their own systems. In the UAE and Hong Kong some numbers have made record sums, with the top 10 each making in excess of £1.5million

The Worlds Most Expensive Number Plates

D 5 and O 9 The answer to this is Dubai's issue of "5" purchased by Indian businessmen Balwinder Sahani and the Abu Dhabi issue of 1 purchased by Saeed Al Khouri, an Abu Dhabi businessman.   1 selling for £7.25million and  D 5 a cool £6.6million at the times of sale in 2016 and 2008 respectively.   

Abu Dhabi 1

Perhaps you've seen these creative number plates on the roads or highways yourself. Maybe they brought a smile to your face. Whether your vehicle registration date is coming up or not, you should consider having a custom license plate made for your car. This article will discuss the various personalised number plates that will make your car stand out from the crowd.  They also need not cost a fortune.

Cherished Numbers

For those who are particularly sentimental, you can choose to have cherished number plates when you go through your next vehicle registration. Perhaps the birthday of your first child is especially important to you. You can choose that number to don your license plate. In that way, they'll always be with you. The same could be done for someone who has passed that you wish to cherish and remember forever. Perhaps something to remember a late loved one or parent by. Having their birthday as your license plate can be a beautiful way to remember them.

Cherished number plates don't just have to centre around birthdays either. Perhaps your wedding day / anniversary is one of the most important dates for you. That could be used as your license plate number. Or, for those who are big sports fans, perhaps the date of one of the most exciting games you've ever witnessed can be your license plate number.

Let's not forget the historians either. There is a whole slew of dates that you can select from for your license plate. Commemorate something that means a lot to you or something that you enjoy a lot.

Sports Teams

Speaking of sports lovers, sometimes numbers just aren't enough. Number plates also allow you to have letters. You can spell out your favourite team right there on your plate. Or, perhaps, the name of the team's mascot is something that you want to go with. The mascot actually allows you to take your personalisation through the rest of your car, too. You can easily add in bumper stickers for your back window, a little mascot for your dashboard, but It all begins with your license plate.  The UK's most followed sport is undoubtedly Football. See Football Number plates right here.

The background of your license plate can also be used to showcase your love for a particular team or sport. Whether it shows the mascot, field, or even just the team's colours, you can personalise number plates easily to display your love for your favourite team.  

Nerd It Out

On the opposite side of the spectrum, perhaps you're a giant nerd with a particular love for a fandom. There are a ton of different options for personalising your license plate when it comes to nerdy material. Star Wars alone has enough content to personalise practically every car that you ever own. Whether you choose the name of your favourite character, robot, or ship, you can rename your car via the license plate. Similar to sports, you can then deck out the rest of your car with other nerd flairs to ensure that you inform everyone else who the top nerd in the state is.

You can also choose backgrounds to promote your favourite fandom. For Star Trek fans, for example, why not have an image of your favourite spaceship on your license plate? You can Boldly Go to every destination with your personalised number plates proudly on display 

Besides numbers and character names and even just backgrounds, you may want to include a favourite saying for your license plate. Does your character have a catchphrase or something that struck home to you? Then put it on your plate. Your license plate should be more than just a number on the back of your car. It should inspire joy, or at the very least motivation, in you every time that you see it.

Pride In Your Home

You're from a certain area and you're proud. Why not display that pride with your license plate? Whether you're from Texas or Tyneside, why not showcase the love that you have for your home? You can easily achieve this by showing off the flag for your area. Or perhaps the shape of the state or country, itself. Many areas provide plates that show different backgrounds of famous landmarks that can be found in that area.

If the particular landmark that you love isn't available, then have a custom license plate maker create one for you. Not only does this make your plate unique but you can be sure that other drivers in your area are going to want the same plate as yourself.

Besides landmarks, you can also show your pride by using the letters and numbers to form the area's favourite sayings or motto. Perhaps your area is known for speaking a certain way or using a word that others don't typically use. Take pride in your home by including this on your license plate.   

Favourite Food

Perhaps it may seem a little odd, but some people do showcase their love for a particular food. Nutella, for example, has been a popular choice for license plate design. Whether you love Nutella, chocolate, bananas, tacos, or some other food, you can proudly declare that love via your license plate. Not only does this typically guarantee an especially unique license plate but it also allows you to easily customise the rest of your car.  

Let's take the example of the banana. It's there on your license plate boldly written but how else can you decorate your car? Perhaps your car is a vibrant yellow. What better way to bring the whole aesthetic together than by boosting its banana-like quality? Add a few stickers of bananas on your car, perhaps have a banana man on your dashboard, and just embrace the utter banana way of life!

Loved Pets

Perhaps one of the most popular themes in the world when it comes to license plates is a love for pets. Sometimes this can be shown through a sticker on the window. The real pet lovers, however, customise their license plates. They can use their pet's name or nickname as their plate number. Perhaps even the birthday of their pet is special enough to be used as a license plate. Everyone loves pets. If you have a pet that you want to spread the love about, then you can easily have your pet's name live on in legend via your license plate, too.  K9 registrations remain a firm favourite for dog lovers.

Amusing Plates

Often, the most interesting license plates in the world are also the funniest. Let's take the example of those European cars that are often quite small and tight inside. One of the best license plates that have been used on such cars is a simple, "CRAMPED." This on-the-nose humour is a great way to make everyone laugh when driving down the road.

Perhaps you have something funny to say via your plate. Perhaps you're well aware that your car is a bit comedic. Utilize your license plate to tell the joke for all to witness. Custom plates make the roads and motorways more interesting.

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