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Most Popular Personalised Number Plates

Personalised number plates, also known as "personalised registrations" or "private number plates," are a popular and sought-after way for vehicle owners in the UK to add a unique touch to their cars. The most popular initials used on personalised number plates are typically those that represent people's names or common abbreviations. Here are some reasons and examples why certain initials are popular:

  1. Initials of Names: Many people opt for personalised number plates that match their initials or the initials of their loved ones. For example, "JSM" (or JS) for John Smith or "KAT" for Katherine. The most popular letters (as of 2023) would be the single letters' A,B,C,H,J,M,P,R,S - In our opinion "S" is currently the winner! The most popular two letter combinations would be; AB,AC,AH,AM,AS - BB,BS - CB,CH,CM,CP,CR,CS, - DB,DC,DH,DM,DP,DR,DS - etc. You can pretty much follow the system of the popular letters for christian and surnames. Example "S" for Smith & Singh ... Scrolling through to “M” (which has been a favourite for the past decade) could be paired with most of the letters above (prefix or suffix). Obviously “MB” could be Mercedes Benz or Mick Burns for example, that makes most “MB” number plates sought after,
  2. Celebrity or Famous Initials: Some individuals might choose personalized plates with initials associated with their favorite celebrities, sports stars, or fictional characters. For instance, "DR" for Doctor Who fans or "JB" for James Bond enthusiasts.
  3. Short and Memorable Abbreviations: Short and easily recognizable abbreviations like "VIP," "CEO," or "LOL" are also popular choices, as they convey a specific message or status.
  4. Career or Hobby-Related Initials: People might use initials that represent their profession or hobbies. Examples include "ART" for artists, "LAW" for lawyers, or "GOL" for golfers.
  5. Birth Years: Some individuals might incorporate their birth year into the number plate, like "89" for someone born in 1989.
  6. Family Initials: Personalized number plates can also feature initials representing family members, like "MUM," "DAD," "SON," or "DAU" (daughter).
  7. Prestigious Initials: Certain initials are considered prestigious or valuable, and people might use them to showcase success or high social status.
  8. Unique Combinations: Many people strive to find creative combinations of initials that have personal significance to them.
  9. Car Related Initials - There are so many makes and models now it is easy to find the initials, AM for Aston Martin, BMW and as mentioned above, MB for Mercedes Benz, but would you always buy the same car or just sell the car with the number plate?

It's worth noting that popularity can change over time, and individual preferences vary. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) in the UK are responsible for transferring personalised number plates, and they have specific guidelines and restrictions on what combinations are allowed. Offensive or swear words are all banned!

Keep in mind that the popularity of specific initials might have evolved. For the most current and accurate information, it's best to consul a reputable personalised number plate dealer such are CarReg UK..