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Why Prices Differ between Number Plate Dealers

The price differences between personalised number plate dealers can vary based on several factors. Here are some key aspects that can influence the pricing variations:

Plate Rarity: The rarity and uniqueness of a personalised number plate can significantly impact its price. Dealers may charge higher prices for plates that are in high demand or have specific combinations that are sought after by buyers.

Plate Age: The age of a personalised number plate can also affect its price. Older plates, especially those with historical significance or specific letter and number combinations, may be priced higher due to their scarcity and desirability.. Prefix and Current style plates are generally lower value than dateless variety and the older issued dateless marks that pre date 1962 values will generally be higher than the reversed equivalent.

Dealer Reputation: Established and well-known personalised number plate dealers may charge higher prices due to their reputation and expertise in the market. These dealers may offer additional services, such as plate valuations, assistance with transfer processes, and customer support, which can justify the higher prices. However a trusted supplier with exceptional customer service can be worth it when spending high sums. Most reputable dealers will be members of a governing body and have a good history of positive customer reviews.

Exclusive Inventory: Some dealers specialise in offering exclusive or premium personalised number plates. These plates may have particular patterns, spellings, or formats that make them more desirable, leading to higher price tags. Number 1's and short 2,3, or 4 character registrations will usually be in excess of £10,000. Many of the established Cherished number dealers hold a large number of registrations in stock so the prices will therefore be lowest when dealing with the source.

Demand and Market Trends: Prices can fluctuate based on demand and market trends. If certain types of personalised number plates become popular or experience increased demand, dealers may adjust their prices accordingly to reflect the market dynamics. Baby names that become popular can sometimes spark a trend and determine a surge in popularity and demand for number plates.

Additional Services: Dealers may provide additional services such as assistance with registration transfers, handling of paperwork, supplying the physical acrylic number plates or offering financing options. These services can be bundled with the price of the personalised number plate, contributing to variations in pricing between dealers.

Overhead Costs: Dealers have various operational costs, including staff salaries, rent, marketing, and administrative expenses. These overhead costs can influence the pricing strategies of dealers, with some choosing to pass on a higher portion of these costs to customers.

It's important to compare prices and research different dealers to find the best deal for your desired personalised number plate. always aim to be as competitive as can be and are always a good place to start your search.