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Sir Geoff Hurst Selling Personalised Number Plates

England’s ’66 World Cup Hero is Selling His Iconic Personalised Number Plates

Sir Geoff Hurst, the hero of England’s World Cup final victory over West Germany in 1966 is selling two of his personalised number plates that commemorate the remarkable achievement. Sir Geoff, who scored a hat-trick in the match, including a blistering shot in the final seconds of extra time, is asking for £5,999 for the pair.

The former West Ham player placed a classified ad in last weekend’s Sunday Times advertising GH66 CUP and WC66 ENG. The ad stated that he is open to close offers and interested buyers should contact his wife Judith by email or call him directly on his mobile number, which he provided.

The WC66 ENG plate was put up for auction by the DVLA in 2016, the 50th anniversary of England’s historic victory. Sir Geoff was later revealed as the anonymous buyer of the number plate. At the time, auctioneer Adam Griffiths said he was “delighted to sell an iconic registration to clearly a true England supporter,” although he didn’t know then that Geoff Hurst was the buyer.

It later emerged that Sir Geoff only ended up buying the plate because of getting a haircut. He said, “I went into my barbers in Cheltenham and he said he saw on the news that the WC66 ENG plate was coming up for sale. I'm always up for a bit of fun and I just thought 'why not' and managed to register to bid with very little time to spare."

The sporting legend won the auction and paid £4,346 for the personalised registration number. However, he did not realise that the number plate could only be displayed on a vehicle registered after August 31, 2016. You can’t have a number plate that makes your car appear to be newer than it is. Consequently, he traded in his old car for a new model. He later went on to add the personalised plates WC66 SGH and GH66 CUP to his collection.

Sir Geoff’s primary sources of income are personal appearances and after-dinner speaking, both have which have been put on hold because of the COVID-19 pandemic. That may be why he has decided to cash in his personalised number plate investments.

Show Your Support with a Football Related Number Plate

It’s not just big-name stars who invest in football related personalised number plates. Ardent supporters have also been known to splash out on plates that show their passion for their favourite club. Some of the most expensive registrations sold at DVLA auctions include:

  • WE57 HAM (West Ham) – £58,320
  • AR53 NAL (Arsenal) – £46,736
  • HU11 CTY (Hull City) – £46,736
  • V1 LLA (Villa) – £45,440
  • ALB ION (Albion) – £24,000
  • BR15 TOL (Bristol) – £20,168
  • DER 8Y (Derby) – £18,872
  • M417 UTD (Manchester United) – £17,835
  • S41 NTS (Saints) – £14,984
  • PRE 570N (Preston) – £11,953

Of course, not everyone can stretch to those prices. At CarReg we have many available personalised number plates that can show your support for your football club. Just go to our easy-to-use search tool and enter your club’s initials (AFC, CFC, LFC, SFC, etc) and see what comes up. Alternatively, check our Football Plates page to find your perfect number plate.