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Land Rover Celebrates its 65th Anniversary

Way back then, it was the chief designer at Birmingham’s Rover Co, Maurice Wilks, who put those spectacular ideas into production. Inspired by an American Army jeep which he had used, he produced the first ever Land Rover, which holds the number plate HUE 166, and lovingly nicknamed ‘Huey’. Who knew it would become world-famous?

Land Rovers are distinctive and unique, combining innovation, performance and unmatched all-terrain capability, making it geared up to tackle the world’s most challenging and hostile landscapes. The celebratory events started last week at the original testing ground at Packington Estate, Solihull, along with its longest-serving employee, Roger Crathorne, as pictured.


With over 150 heritage vehicles on display, it just wouldn’t have been the same without the much-loved ‘Huey’ showcased alongside the unveiling of the new Defender LXV Special Edition! It really was a nostalgia event, and just to add that finishing touch, or as Land Rover like to say; going ‘Above and Beyond’…a Royal Navy display helicopter elaborately flew in a birthday cake in the shape of the first ever vehicle, ‘Huey’!

Number Plates in honour of Jaguar Land Rover:

  • HUE 1Y
  • HUE 166
  • 1948 LR
  • L4 NDR
  • ROV 3R
  • LR04 DEF
  • LND 20V
  • 1948 HU
  • 65 LR
  • LR 65
  • 65 JLR
  • 4 WD

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