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Gran Turismo Racer from Aston Martin is Unveiled

Aston Martin’s DP-100 Gran Turismo Racer

from July, the DP-100 will be available to download on Gran Turismo 6, for in-game play. It is believed that it will remain a virtual-only racer, but we are still praying that they will put this magical sports car into production in the future. After six months of using the same techniques that they use when designing production models, this beautiful creation was formed.

DP-100-4.webpPowered digitally with a mid-engined twin turbo V12, it throws out 800bhp. Sitting low to the ground with its sleek roof almost level with the wheel arches, plus a huge rear diffuser and revolutionary aerodynamics, its streamlined shape supports it’s in-game function.

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DP 100 - A5 TON - MAR 71N - AM 100 - DP10 OAM

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