Number Plates

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Although the term number plates is the most common term used for what we sell, it is not actually the correct definition of our main product which are vehicle registrations.

Cherished, personal or private number plates, what is the difference?  Technically nothing. The names have been created by the general public to reflect the different orders and quantities of letters & numbers making up a registration. However cherished or personalised plates are much more expensive as these names are given to highly desirable registrations that are usually snapped up as soon as they become available.

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Private Number Plates Or Private Plates

These are previously issued car registrations. When referring to private plates we tend to refer to dateless registration numbers, sometimes called ‘cherished registrations’.

Dateless and cherished registrations have historically made very good investments.

Age Related Registrations – Ideal Gifts

Age related plates are by far the cheapest, and so most popular type of number purchased. An age related plate can be be of many different variants but the most popular would be a “prefix number plate” as they are also amongst the cheapest of all private registrations types.  Examples of prefix plates are A1 ABC”, “B16 JDW”, “K888 KSR”, “G15 HHH”,”M15 SSS” & “Y1 ABC”.

Prices for this type of plate start from only £150 and can be provided to customers on an official DVLA certificate so they make ideal gifts!

You can Make Your Own Number Plate from only £170…

Cherished and Personalised Plates

Cherished or personalised Number Plates are dateless, previously issued, rare and sought after registrations. We have thousands of cherished numbers available which are a combination of our own stock (They can not be purchased cheaper from any other website than or registrations we have been asked to sell by members of the public.

S1 sold for £397,000 in 2008 and now thought to be valued at £1,000 000!  F1 sold for a similar amount and now has a price tag of £5,000,000!  A 1 is not for sale for any price! Find out about record breaking registrations.

These registrations range from original 1903 cherished numbers up to the current DVLA issue. Prices start from around £500 and will then go up to over 1 Million pounds. Some examples of Cherished Plates would be P 2 – 2 P – 1 HM – E 6 – 9 Y – 5 J – 4 B – K 4 – K 5 – 9 C – 1 GO – 3 H . Use our easy search in the header to search for a Cherished registration.

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