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Record breaking news! ‘25 0’ sells for over half a million pounds

Number_plate_25_O_2.webp In November 2014, nobody expected the personalised registration 25 O to become the UK's record breaker. The hammer price was £400,000 which, with auctioneers fees and VAT amounted to a whopping £518,480.

Don’t worry, it wasn’t a mistake, John was determined to win the bidding war for the registration number 25 O, and said he would have paid £1 million if he had to! He seemed pretty pleased that the bidding stopped where it did.

Not only was John the lucky winner but he also set a recording breaking price at the DVLA! You may be thinking that this guy has more money than sense… Well you’re probably right, but John is a classic car enthusiast and owns the successful classic Ferrari dealership Talacrest. He is a lover of the 1960's classic Ferrari 250 and was desperate for the registration number to match this model, which is worth multi-millions just on its own. John is a good friend of TV/Radio millionaire Chris Evans who is another classic car enthusiast and customer of Talacrest who have sold vehicles to Evans in the past who also likes his private number plates! Initially it was thought that the buyer of 25 O was Chris Evans (an owner of a Ferrari 250) before it emerged to be Mr Collins.


DVLA auctions most expensive number plates

25 O – £518,000 in Nov 2014
1 D – £352,000 in March 2009
51 NGH – £254,000 in April 2006
1 RH – £247,000 in Nov 2008
K1 NGS – £231,000 in Dec 1993

Although the DVLA have about 50 million registrations available to buy, there are a lot more out there on the market. The DVLA only sell personalised plates that have never been on any vehicle before, and do not trade in existing plates. This is where agents like ourselves come in. We offer a service for those looking to buy or sell a number plate that has already been issued and owned amongst the second hand market and is therefore, no longer available with the DVLA.

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