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 Emojis On Number Plates Down Under

The move was without a doubt a first, meaning it won't be long before other countries followed suit. For decades, motorists have relished in the freedom to personalize their cherished number plates. Some have used them as a way to show their allegiance to their home teams, alma maters, and even their countries.

Therefore, the move to approve personalised number plates with Emojis, as fresh and out of the box as it may feel, it isn't that far fetched. The only difference is, instead of showing allegiance to a particular collective, these emoji-assisted plates will be more of personal identity.

It's important to note that you will have the choice to get whatever you want when it comes to emoji-assisted number plates, as long as someone else doesn't beat you to it. Thankfully, the likelihood of the latter happening is quite rare since the introduction of emoji-assisted plates was to ensure more variety in the first plates.

The Emojis Available for Use

So far, only five different Emojis have been approved for use by the relevant vehicle registration bodies. These Emojis include the smiley face emoji, the winking face emoji, the heart eyes Emoji, sunglasses Emoji, and the kiss blowing Emoji. Unfortunately, the other awesome Emojis haven't been approved yet. The emoji-assisted plate is still in its experimental stages, meaning there is a huge possibility that the other Emojis will be included somewhere down the line.

The five positive Emojis, the disability Emojis are also allowed. The latter is a move to make it easy for all disabled drivers to have an easy time driving as well as paring their cars since the sign will always show thus allowing others to either give way or assist in any way that they can.

The car owners will have the chance to select the Emoji Number Plate that tickles their fancy, as long as it is available. When it comes to choosing your emoji-assisted plate, you'll have to consider the cost factor besides the usual personal choice factor. As usual, different personalized plates are priced differently. What this means is you'll have to find a plate that you not only like but can afford quite comfortably.

The Most Popular Emoji Plates

It's no secret that the most cherished number plates are those that have a deep and personal meaning attached to them. So with that in mind, the emoji-themed plate that's among the most popular is the cool sunglasses emoji plate. The whole point of getting this beautifully customized emoji-assisted plate is to show the world you are a cool individual. It is no surprise that most people go for this particular one.

Another well-liked personalised number plates are the ones customized with the smiling Emojis. The smiling Emoji is a worldwide symbol of happiness, friendliness, and positivity. And since most motorists are either happy or are in the pursuit of happiness, they almost always end up putting the smiling Emoji on their plates. So anyone who gets the chance to see the plate will automatically get the message on a subconscious level.

The last most popular emoji-assisted number plates are the one carrying the heart eyes Emoji. These love emoji plates, as they can also be referred to as, are also famous because of the message they impose. Everyone not only wants to spread love to the world but also have the love reciprocated. These heart eyes emoji plates can also be used to portray that the driver is a lover of life and everything beautiful about it.

How To Apply For Your Emoji-Assisted Plate (Not Yet Available In The UK).

Before heading out in search of the new emoji-assisted plate, you’ll first of all need a vague idea of what you want. As hinted earlier, the best-customized plates do have a personal meaning attached to them. Therefore, it would be an excellent idea for you to take time and think about the kind of vibe you’d want your plate to exude. Afterward, you can start by selecting letters, numbers, plate color, and then lastly, the emoji.

The latter process should make sense to you and you alone. Once you’re satisfied with your handiwork, you’ll proceed to make a formal application online. Naturally, there will be slots you’ll be required to fill in, and these may include your driver license number, your official email address, and your postcode. You’ll also be required to fill in the blanks with the proposed content you’d like included in your brand new, emoji-themed plate.

Don’t forget to include the type of vehicle in question. Make it known on whether you intend for the plate to be of personal use or for an organization. You should also specify whether the vehicle the emoji-themed plate is designed for is brand new or an old one. Also, don’t forget to press the validate button one you’ve written in the postal code.

Tick off on the terms and conditions so that you’re directed to the payment details where you’ll be required to fill in with your details. Don’t worry much about your privacy because most authentic plate registration sites are secure. The chances of your financial information leaking to unwanted third parties are very slim. Also, make sure you are submitting a payment method that you’re most comfortable with using.

After completing your online application successfully, go back, and counter check everything to be sure. Doing so will give you the chance to make any corrections before finally submitting your form. Once everything checks out, go ahead and submit your application. If everything goes well, you should be collecting your brand new, customized (or personalized) emoji-assisted plate in just six weeks!


In as much as the Emoji Number Plate is more of a trend now, the relevant vehicle registration bodies still insist that the exercise is not by any means compulsory. Those who wish to switch their plates can do so of their own free will. Meaning those who don't feel the need to make any chances are free to carry on. Besides, the inclusion of Emojis on plates is more of a craze among young drivers than it is for the mature drivers.

The starting price for an emoji-assisted plate was 340 as of March 1. However, as time elapsed, the price is expected to reduce to accommodate those who can't afford that much for an emoji assisted plate. Naturally, there's a section of drivers who feel the emoji-assisted plates are a bit too pricy. Some even insist that the latter may be a ploy by the authorities to make a few extra coins on the side.

However, since the decision to either get an emoji-assisted plate or not remains a personal choice, the latter claim doesn't seem to hold water. If you are interested in getting one at an affordable price, then feel free to check out CarReg. Be sure to follow the above, not forgetting to provide the required documents. You'll then be required to wait until you hear from the respective body.

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