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Embarrassment for Government With Green Number Plates

Embarrassment for Government as Green Number Plate Scam is Revealed

New green number plates for zero emission vehicles were launched in December 2020 by Transport Secretary Grant Shapps. The plates, with a green rectangle on the left-hand side, are designed to make it easy for authorities to identify electric cars. Ecologically minded drivers can also benefit from free or cheap parking and free entry into Clean Air Zones (CAZ).

However, according to a report in The Telegraph, the AA has discovered that some major number plate suppliers are selling the green plates to motorists without them having to prove they are the vehicle’s owner, or that they are entitled to display the zero emission plates.

Number Plate Suppliers Are Not Asking for Paperwork

Less than two months after the launch of the green plates, drivers of petrol- and diesel-powered vehicles are able to buy them for less than £20 through unscrupulous dealers. This can give them access to benefits intended for the growing number of motorists and companies who invest in an electric car.

The Telegraph reported that one number plate supplier, Show Plates Express, had the headline on it’s website, “No need to send documentation,” and boasted that, “You don’t need to send us your V5C or similar documentation when you order replacement plates from us. This saves you substantial amounts of time and money and means you don’t have to worry about your essential paperwork being lost in the post.”

The website also stated that, as you don’t even need to leave your home to order your plates, they can supply them up to 50% cheaper than their high street competitors.

When CarReg checked the company’s website, these statements seem to have been removed.

Earlier investigations have discovered a “wild west” trade in cloned and illegal number plates. A legal loophole is being exploited by suppliers which register their business abroad. It enables them to ignore UK regulations that require vehicle ownership checks to be carried out.

Cloned plates are often used by criminals and others to avoid detection by the police and identification by ANPR cameras.

Strict Regulations for Registered Number Plate Suppliers

Legitimate registered number plate suppliers, such as CarReg, must adhere to strict regulations when making up and selling plates. The buyer must provide documentation to prove their name and address and that they are allowed to use the registration number they’ve asked for.

A DVLA spokesman said: “It is illegal for motorists to incorrectly display a number plate and those breaking the law could be fined up to £1000.

“Motorists can only get a number plate made up from a registered supplier and we are working closely with the police and other enforcement agencies to tackle the illegal supply of number plates.”

Buy Personalised Number Plates with Confidence

CarReg is a registered number plate supplier and members of all relevant governing bodies. When you choose to invest in a personalised number plate from us, we make your purchase as easy, secure and, more importantly, legal as possible.