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DVLA Allow A Green Flash On Number Plates Fitted To Electric Vehicles

The DVLA Green "Flash" Number Plates for EVs Came into Effect on 8th December

As of Tuesday December 8th, zero-emissions vehicles in the UK can now be fitted with green number plates. The new plates for electric vehicles (EVs) and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles could see drivers benefitting from cheaper parking and free entry into congestion zones.

Green Plates will Benefit EV Drivers

From December 8th, the front and rear number plates of newly registered zero-emission vehicles will feature a green flash on the left-hand side. The plates will make it easier to differentiate fully electric vehicles from those with petrol or diesel engines. The plates are not compulsory and drivers can choose to have standard plates fitted.

However, the new green number plates can offer substantial financial incentives for eco-friendly motorists. The easily identifiable plates will provide drivers with access to local authority schemes such as cheaper EV-only parking and free entry into zero-emissions zones.

Low-emission vehicles already qualify for 100% discount in the London congestion charge zone, but that will change next year to include only all-electric or hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. A similar scheme in Canada gives EV drivers free access to toll roads and priority traffic lanes, a system that could be rolled out in the UK.

The British Number Plate Manufacturers Association says the Department for Transport and the Office for Low Emission Vehicles had given the green light for the plates to be used and that they can be retro-fitted to existing electric cars, as long as they emit no CO2 emissions.

Identifying EVs Will Help to Drive the Green Economy

When he announced the scheme last year, Transport Minister Grant Shapps said that the special plates would help the government to drive a green economic recovery and achieve the target of net zero emissions by 2050. He said,

“Green number plates could unlock a number of incentives for drivers and increase awareness of cleaner vehicles on our roads, showing people that a greener transport future is within our grasp.”

In a survey by the AA, 37% of drivers questioned agreed with EVs being made to stand out from conventional internal combustion engine vehicles. However, an RAC spokesperson said that the plates could become a 'badge of honour' for some drivers and might foster resentment among existing drivers of petrol and diesel vehicles.

In general, the green plates are seen as a positive move that could help to incentivise drivers to make the switch to zero-emission motoring.

Green Personalised Number Plates From DVLA

If you already drive an electric vehicle, you can change your old number plates for the new green plates. You must use a registered number plate supplier such as CarReg, and you will need to provide documents that show your vehicle qualifies for the plates.

You might be inclined to buy personalised number plates that show your eco-friendly credentials. Registration numbers available from CarReg include ‘1 ECO’, ‘B5 ECO’, or for just £155 ‘AA04 ECO’. Alternatively, the electrically influenced ‘L11 AMP’, AMP 412C, ‘WAT 5’, or ‘V26 OLT’ could fit the bill.

Search the vast database for your perfect personalised number plates for your EV and display the green flash with pride.