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The UK's Rudest Number Plates

The UK’s Rudest Number Plates

Personalised and private number plates have become more popular than ever as drivers want to add a unique and personal touch to their cars. Thousands of registration numbers change hands every year. Some plates are deemed too rude to be issued and are withdrawn from use, but some slip through the net.

The DVLA bans rude number plates

Most people who buy a personalised number plate choose one with their name or initials. Alternatively, many pick letter combinations that relate to their car, such as BMW, or maybe their favourite football team, like LFC for Liverpool or AFC for Arsenal. However, some people like to have a number plate that looks a little raunchier.

In the past, you could change the spacing of the digits and some drivers added strategically placed black bolts to make their number plates to read how they wanted. But after strict rules were introduced, all plates must now conform to a specific format so they can be easily identified by the police and ANPR cameras.

Twice a year, just before the new registration series is released, a special team at the DVLA goes through the new numbers to sift out any that are too rude or offensive. These plates will be banned from being used on the roads, but some are a bit obscure and are easily missed. With a little imagination, you can still seek out some cheeky number plates.

A word of caution – a registration number can still be banned after it has been issued. If you’ve bought it, you could find yourself out of pocket.

Ten of the UK’s rudest number plates

Here are some of the rudest number plates that have been seen on the UK’s roads.

  • PEN 15 – presumably for keen writers!
  • BOII LUX – guess what the owner said after this plate was withdrawn.
  • G5 POT – much sought after apparently!
  • M1 LFS – a good catch for a single parent?
  • UT02 SER – you won’t forget this number if he cuts you up.
  • POO 11E – this driver might kick up a stink!
  • P3 RVP – keep your distance from this driver.
  • TE51 CLE – just the one?
  • ORG 45M – on their way perhaps!
  • S12 LAG – not the most complimentary plate.

A number plate that represented one of the most offensive words in the English language was spotted by DVLA officials when it went up for sale for £6,000. It was promptly withdrawn from use.

New 70-series plates to be banned

Sometimes it’s difficult to see why some number plates are banned, but others are pretty obvious. These are some of the latest 70-series plates to be withdrawn.

  • **70 OSS
  • **70 URD
  • BL70 JOB
  • *B70 OMB
  • *C70 CK*
  • *F70 OFF
  • *N70 GGR
  • *P70 EDO
  • *W70 NKR
  • AS70 OLE

It’s right that any number plates that could be offensive on the grounds of race, religion, or sexual orientation should be banned. But you can still find funny registration numbers to allow your humourous side show on your car. Search for your number plate at CarReg. Some ideas which could bring a smile are the latest "69" series which are of course perfectly acceptable. BJ69 XXX is one ...