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UAE Number Plate Sells For £1.05 Million!

The auction, which was organised by Emirates Auction and the Sharjah Police, also saw several other SHJ number plates go for a lot of money!

SHJ-69 sold for Dh1.25 million (£262,433), SHJ-55 for Dh1.5 million (£314,920), SHJ-14 for Dh1.8 million (£377,904), while SHJ-20 sold for Dh1.9 million (£398,898).

The UK 'SHJ' options CarReg have on sale are lots cheaper and could be considered somewhat of a bargain in comparison!

In previous years, Indian businessman Balwinder Sahni, based in Dubai, paid a whopping Dh33 million (that’s over £6.9 million GBP!!) to get his hands on the Dubai plate D5! This is currently believed to be the most expensive number plate ever purchased in the UAE.

In the UK, 1 D sold for £285,000 on the hammer in 2009. The boyband One Direction (aka 1 D) was formed in 2010 and became a global success, so we can only imagine what offers the owner may have received since then. have D 3 listed at £1,000,000 and also 3 D listed at £1,100,000.

The owner of the UK number plate F 1 reportedly turned down £6 million as it relates to Formula1 motor racing! have plenty more ‘super plates’ available and ready to go, so have a browse and find yours now! Https://
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