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Dear DVLA My Parrot Ate My Log book!

Dear DVLA, My Parrot Ate My Log Book!

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has released some of the strangest and funniest reasons drivers have given for needing to replace their V5C vehicle registration document, also known as the log book. Motorists are asked why they need a replacement and some of the strangest reasons are, “my parrot destroyed it”, “it was in my trouser pocket and went through the washing machine” and “I wasn’t concentrating and shredded it”.

The DVLA launched its online V5C replacement service in September 2020 to make it quicker and easier to get a new log book. Drivers can request a new document whatever the reason. The serviced has been used over 300,000 times since its launch, which is about 5,800 times every week, and some of the reasons given have raised a laugh with the staff.

Some of the strange excuses include “My child covered their school book with it”, while another hapless motorist said, “It blew out the window and when I went to look for it, it was gone”. One adventurer explained, “I left it at a hotel in the Gobi Desert when driving across Asia during my gap year”. Another driver told the DVLA, “My grandchild took it to play outside and buried it in the mud”.

One detailed explanation was, “Someone bought me a car for my birthday – they wrapped the keys in the V5C and I tore it open without knowing”. But the oldest excuses are the best and one driver came out with the classic “The dog ate it”. I wonder if he was ever late with his homework at school!

DVLA Chief Executive, Julie Lennard, said, “Our online service to replace a V5C is quick and easy to use and means customers will receive their replacement vehicle registration certificate within the week. So, whether you misplaced your V5C, it’s been digested by your pet or your kids have used it for arts and crafts, the quickest way to get a replacement is on GOV.UK.”

Applying for a new V5C by post can mean a wait of up to six weeks for the replacement. With the online service, you should get the new document within five working days. Whichever way you apply, it will cost £25. You can now also use an online service to change the address on your driving licence and V5C, when you buy or sell a vehicle, or need to renew your licence.

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