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A New Faster System Introduced By The DVLA

The DVLA Launches a New Service to Slash Waiting Times for a Replacement Log book

Previously, if you lost or damaged your vehicle’s V5C log book, you had to apply by post for a replacement by post, which could take up to six weeks. Now, the DVLA has launched a new service that enables you to apply for a duplicate document online and you should receive it within five days.

Applying for a Duplicate Logbook

Each year, around half a million people apply for a duplicate V5C document and, by post, it could take up to six weeks to process the application and get a new log book sent out. The wait was extremely inconvenient, especially if you were selling your vehicle or you wanted to transfer a personalised number plate to or from it. With the DVLA’s new online service, the waiting time has been cut to five days.

DVLA Chief Executive, Julie Lennard, said, “We know how important a log book is to motorists so if you have lost or damaged yours, the quickest way to get your duplicate document is go to GOV.UK.”

The DVLA is making more of its services available online, a process that has been speeded up because of the pandemic and fewer people available to handle postal and phone applications. The agency is encouraging drivers to use its online services whenever possible to relieve the pressure on its offices.

Application Process

If your V5C log book has been lost, damaged, destroyed or stolen, you can apply online for a duplicate, but only if none of the details on the document have changed. You must be the registered keeper of the vehicle and you will need the registration number of the vehicle, the VIN/chassis number, and the name and postcode on the original log book. The service costs £25 which can be paid by credit or debit card.

You can’t use the service if you need to change any details, you don’t have the vehicle, if you’ve already sent the log book to have changes made, or your vehicle is registered abroad.

DVLA Online Services

Earlier this year, the DVLA made it possible for motorists to change their address on the log book online rather than by post. More than 300,000 drivers have so far taken advantage of this service. If you want to change your name, you still have to apply by post with the relevant documents.

In addition to log book services, you can also apply online to the DVLA for a new or replacement driving licence, tax your vehicle or declare it SORN, notify the agency that you’ve sold a vehicle, and to assign or keep a private registration.

Personalised Number Plates

If you have, or want to buy a personalised number plate, with the DVLA online services its easier than ever to assign or transfer the number. You can transfer the plate from one vehicle to another, or to and from a retention document.

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