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At this difficult time in History, our country is rightfully respecting the fantastic , courageous work that is continued to be done by the wonderful NHS and many other key workers.

During this coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic we have all stayed at home as per Government guidelines and every Thursday evening at 20:00hrs we go outside the front of our homes and have applauded those NHS workers (Hero's) working tirelessly to save lives with a minutes round of applause #clapforourcarers

  • A1 NHS
  • PR07 ECT
  • TH14 NKS
  • HE20 DOC

Every Thursday You Purchase - We Will Donate £5

Not only will also donate £5 for registrations purchased on a Thursday from 23rd April until end of May, any registration containing the letters NHS, will also receive the same donation!

Even if personal registrations are not necessarily your thing, we think that having an easy to remember private registration on your car containing the initials NHS could be a very fitting everlasting way to display gratitude to those in the NHS front line, currently risking their own safety to help others.

There are almost 500 prefix NHS number plates available and over 3000 Current style number plates which include the letters. You could opt for something simple like your initials at the beginning and NHS at the end, such as AB04 NHS or you can purchase something in the knowledge that a few pounds of the purchase will be donated to NHS Charities as a result.

NHS number plates

Together we will beat this virus and we hope peoples lives can resume to normal soon. Our thoughts and prayers go out to anyone affected or with loved ones who have been effected.



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