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A personalised number plate is the perfect addition to your car, to make it really feel like your own. But the question is, what kind of plate should you choose? What should it say? To answer that question, take a look at the things that are important to you, and use them to draw inspiration.

Sports and Hobbies

What do you like to do? What are you passionate about? If you’re a sports fan, the obvious choice is a plate that lauds your favourite team, which commonly is that of a Football team. Of course, you’ll be far from the first fan to have that idea, so be prepared for a long search before you find one that’s available.
Your favourite player from past or present is another option – their name and shirt number, for instance – but these also have a high likelihood of being taken (possibly by the players themselves)

If you play on a local team, representing that on your plate might be a better idea. It’s more personal to who you are. Anyone can call out their love of Chelsea (CFC) Arsenal (AFC), Liverpool (LFC) or Manchester on their car, but if you play for the East Sussex Mermaids, that team might not get as much attention.

Look at some of your other hobbies as well. Do you like to do community theatre? Do you collect something, like comic books or rare coins? Maybe you’re into sewing, or crafting, or maybe you're a keen baker or perhaps just like to make jam.

Think about why you like those things, and the elements of those activities that you enjoy the most. For instance, what’s your favourite play you’ve ever done, or role you’ve played? What’s the prized coin in your collection, or the comic character you most identify with? What’s your favourite film/TV show or Star Wars character? This is what personalised number plates are about. They’re a representation of who you are.

Other Interests

Hobbies aren’t the only things you can put on a private plate. Think about the things that matter most to you. Maybe an event from your life: The day you got married, or important anniversary or particularly successful year or place you like to visit. Think about the people who are important to you as well: your spouse, your children, your parents, or family pets etc. Names and dates make great combinations for personalised number plates.

Your options for personalised number plates are virtually limitless. You do have to choose a character combination that’s unique and hasn’t been taken yet, but with a little bit of creativity, that’s simple enough. And the more personal it is to who you are, the less likely it is to have been used already.

In the end, the question to ask is, what makes you who you are? What aspect of yourself do you want to represent to the world - whether it’s a hobby, an event, a profession, or a loved one? Once you’ve answered that question, and gotten to the core of what you’re passionate about, then choosing a personalised number plate should be a breeze.

Search our website for which personalised number plates are available, and let us help you register the one that best represents you!