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2020 will see vehicles adorning 20 series registrations driving off vehicle forecourts from March and 70 series from September. Other key events this year will no doubt include Brexit, an array of annual sporting events.

We really are spoilt in Great Britain, playing host to great events including the Cheltenham Festival, The London Marathon, The British F1 Grand Prix, the FA Cup, Wimbledon not to mention this years shared hosting of EURO 2020 (UEFA European Football Championships from 12th June to 12th July) along with an ever-growing number of music and food festivals across the UK, with Glastonbury celebrating its 50th anniversary festival!

With the UK set to depart the European Union at the end of January, we look ahead to what the private number plate industry has in store for us.

Auction Calendar

There are already 3 'Timed' DVLA Personalised Registration Auctions scheduled for this year and 4 'LIVE' Sales in February, May , July and September.

The "20 Series" un-issued current style registrations are available right now, since their release in November last year. (They can only be used on Brand new vehicles registered on or after 1st March 2020)

The 70 Series will be for new vehicles from September this year, and will be made available at a date yet to be confirmed in June this year.

To mark the year 2020, you could look for a dateless registration 4 x 2 format, 2020 RP or similar.

2020 will be celebrated milestone birthdays of those born at the start of each century. Those born in 1950, will turn 70, 1960 will turn 60, 1970 will turn 50, 1980 will turn 40 and 1990 will turn 30. Those younger drivers born in 1999, will of course reach their milestone 21st birthdays.

CarReg still have thousands of Prefix number plates, containing the number 20. Here is a quick link to all of the A20 _ _ _ prefix plates alternatively just use our make your own tool.

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