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Retro Prices - 2 JON For £1500 or 49 R for £500!

It seems a little crazy to see these Sunday Times adverts dating back to the mid 1970's. If the same cherished numbers were valued now, you may have to add a few zeros! Before you look at the adverts, read the article below about cherished numbers having peaked (in 1976)!


In the advert below, you can see cherished numbers like DR 7 and DJ 2 for only £3500 which would now retail for perhaps £60-£80,000, some 15 to 20 times the value 40 years ago - Pretty good investments don't you think?


There are many sought after cherished numbers in the adverts, some advertised privately but many advertised by "Cherished Number Dealers". Many of these dealers are no longer trading and have either long retired or have now passed away


You can see that some dealers were members of the first trade governing body "The PNDA - The Personalised Numbers Dealers Association". Later "The CNDA - The Cherished Numbers Dealers Association" which is still very much active and an arm of the Retail Motor Industry Federation.


With the huge increase in prices over the years, cherished numbers have often been referred to investments similar to antiques and works of art. We think they have increased in value at a much higher exponential rate than property and other items deemed to be investments.

You can search online for similar great investments (for the future). Today's prices may seem high compared to 1970's but just think what your investment could be worth in 20 or 30 years from now. See our pages dedicated to Short registrations and Exclusive number plates or why not try our tailored cherished search where you can adjust the format to home in on the type of registration you are looking for

Thanking Steve Frampton (who now runs Frampers World Of Plates) for sharing the articles and advert cuttings.