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Meanwhile - Licence Plates In The USA

Recently we talked about how "our" DVLA in the UK have a team that get together before each new release and identify any plates that might cause offence to other road users, and ban them, but how some plates do get missed and slip through the net?...Remember we listed some funny plates that are still being used today, for example; ‘PEN 15’ which has been on many vehicles since it was released by the DVLA. ‘TE51 CLE’ which is currently on a Skoda. ‘WH05 HAT’ which was displayed on a drainage company vehicle, and ‘T111 TTS’ which our customer bought as a laugh for his wife, after a series of boob-jobs!

The DMV in the USA also have to ban certain plates to avoid causing offence to others, such as any plate with ‘H8’ for Hate, any references to certain body parts, plus anything relating to violence, drugs and alcohol.
American licence plates work in a completely different way to UK plates, and most states have strict rules for ‘vanity plates’, but we simply cannot explain why some plates have been banned or rejected...see if you can guess why some of these plates have been denied usage in Michigan...

One plate that was issued in Virginia is ‘EPIC FAI’... It doesn’t look like much, certainly not offensive. However, the vehicle owner has stuck tape to the right of the plate and hand-drawn the letter ‘L’ on it...well you can work out what that one spells for yourself. Although this might just be for a laugh, we are pretty sure the police wouldn’t miss a silly modification like this in the UK and they would certainly get pulled over and probably fined, but we aren’t sure how they have gotten away with this in the US!CARREG have lots of ‘Epic’ plates available, for example; EP11 CAF and EP11 CAZ.

‘GEEK DAD’ was issued in San Diego. Some might think this is being a bit mean towards a dad. Or it could possibly be owned by a father who is proud of their love for Star Wars, or maybe Star Trek, or some other sci-fi maybe? Either way, it has pride of place on his Mercedes C-Class.CARREG have a selection of Dad plates, such as DAD 44 and M155 DAD.

‘OMG MOV’ could be deemed slightly offensive...maybe because it’s displayed on a McLaren (best known for their F1 cars), so you might think that this driver is impatient and wants everyone to get out of their way so they can put their foot down in their fast motor that they’ve spent such a lot of money on! What do you think? Would this plate come across as rude to you, or just a bit of fun?CARREG have some fab plates for fast cars, like FA57 TER, FAS 77T, FA55 TER and FAS 780Y. ‘3RDWIFE’ was issued in Pennsylvania and is displayed on a Porsche Cayman S. Women may find this offensive, 3 particular women possibly even more so. However, it could be that the owner is a man who is twice-divorced and has decided he’s better off just him and his beloved Porsche? Would you ladies see the funny side of this one?CARREG can offer a nicer one for your wife, such as W1 FEX.
For some reason, many ‘movie’ related plates have been banned by the DMV, however, the following ones slipped through the net and we think they are really fun;

One for Harry Potter fans; ‘HORCRUX’, which is an object in the novels/movies where Lord Voldemort has hidden a fragment of his soul. ‘SUPRBAD’ on a Chevy SS, maybe relates to the comedy film Superbad. Although, it could be a joke about the owners bad driving, or even that they have a high opinion of themselves!‘CHWBCA’ was issued in Texas, and clearly relates to Chewbacca from the Star Wars movies.Remember the flux capacitor from Back to the Future, well the number plate ‘FLUXING’ is displayed on a real-life DeLorean. The owner must be a hardcore fan of the movie trilogy!

For all you movie buffs out there, we have MOV 13S and MOV 13X, plus many that might relate to your favourite films, such as HO12 CRX and D12 WHO.

We have seen a lot of other plates issued in America that we think are interesting, for example, there are a few relating to electric cars; ‘BYBYGAS’, ‘ELECHIK’, ‘LOL OIL’ and ‘ROFL GAS’, which are all displayed on Tesla models. Tesla being one of the most famous manufacturers of electric vehicles.CARREG have GAS 64S, NO12 GAS and UN02 GAS.

There are also some funny plates that are relevant to the cars they are displayed on, such as ‘HISSSSS’ which adorns a Ford Mustang SVT Cobra, and ‘IN DEBT’ displayed on a rare car worth $100,000+ on the second-hand market; the De Tomaso Pantera. The owner has probably spent all their money on this car!

CarReg have many registrations suitable for Porsche, BMW, Ferrari, Mercedes vehicles to name just a few.
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