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Millions of new 70 Series number plates available this May

It's that time of year again when new registrations are launched in advance of the next new vehicle registration release from 1st September 2020.

Approximately 8 million ‘70’ series registrations will become available for people to take their pick from and purchase ahead of the 1st September registration for new vehicles which will display current style 70 series number plates. Many of the combinations will only be available for a limited period until 21st June, so if there is a specific combination you would like get in quick to avoid disappointment.

  • AS70 NXX
  • OO70 JMB
  • XX70 BMW
  • MY70 OTH
  • TA70 CAN
  • CO70 PER

Perfect for both milestone birthdays "50th” or "70th” (Someone Special you know born in 1950 therefore turning 70, or your birthyear of 1970 meaning you are turning 50 this year)

Whilst these new "current style" registrations are not suitable for 70's classics, you may have some special memories from this time, the 1970's era when Disco was born, and flared trousers and big hair were the norm!

Registrations like UR70 BOB or YR70 JON could be a reminder of why the reg was selected for the recipient, or something like KD70 LFC could be a registration for a lifelong Liverpool supporter, representing 1970's Liverpool player/legend Kenny Dalglish-70-LFC

Choose a combination starting with 2 letters, the numeric 70, followed by 3 letters

We take a look at a few words/names which 70 could make :-

AS70 N** = ASTON, 70 OLS = TOOLS, 70 MAR = OMAR, 70 OPS = COOPS 70 ADS = TOADS or LOADS , 70 VED = LOVED , 70 OTH = TOOTH , 70 BYS = TOBYS, 70 UGH = TOUGH , 70 NYS = TONYS, **70 OON = TOON

We expect OO70 *** to be very popular with the James Bond 007 relevance and classic combinations of 5 lettered names and words with 70 in the middle always get snapped up such as AS70 TON , HA20 RRY & PO20 CHE unless they are withheld for future auction by DVLA.

Available to Make Your Own here from 5th May 2020.

All 70 series registrations are supplied on a 10 year Certificate of Entitlement valid until 31st August 2030 (so if you dont wish to use in September, you can hold it safely on certificate at no expense until you own a 70 vehicle (or newer) for the number to be placed on in the future)