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Chauffeur Mocks M25 with Personalised Number Plates

Dartford Chauffeur Mocks M25 with Personalised Number Plate ‘M25 FKD’

A private hire chauffeur from Greenhithe in Dartford, Kent, has shown his frustration with the notorious M25 motorway by buying the personalised number plate ‘M25 FKD’. Justin Scrutton, aged 49, who runs an airport transfer service called Justin Time Travel, spends hours stuck in queues on the motorway and the Dartford Crossing. He decided to give people a laugh about the constant hold ups.

But, instead of getting angry, Justin said, "If you can't change something you just get used to it, but you might as well make fun of it."

He came up with the mischievous idea of an appropriate number plate. He searched the huge database of available private number plates and found that the perfect ‘M25 FKD’ plate was on sale for £250. He traded in his old plate for the new one.

He said, "When I saw it was free, I thought no way. I'm definitely having that, and I wanted to take it before someone else gets the idea. My aim is to just want to make light of the situation, a constant pain in my neck but you can't do anything about it so why not have some fun.”

The personalised plate is legally displayed on his personal car, that he drives his dogs around in, rather than his private hire vehicle. He only drives the car locally, but he says it brings a smile to people’s faces and he often gets the thumbs up when they see it.

Dartford Crossing’s a Nightmare

The Dartford Crossing is just one big bottleneck for drivers from London, Essex and Kent, and it’s just getting progressively worse. The problems have ben highlighted by the recent Insulate Britain protests which have brought extensive stretches of the M25 to a standstill.

Justin says, "The traffic is awful around here and has been for years. There are times of the day when you just cannot feasibly travel, and you know if one of big crossings closes for one reason or another, no one's getting home for hours.” He added that you’d never catch him on the M25 on a Friday afternoon when the traffic is at its worst. “The best way to cross the Thames now is by helicopter!”

Locals have welcomed proposals for a new Lower Thames crossing, but plans have not yet even been submitted. If accepted the new crossing wouldn’t be scheduled to open until 2029 or 2030 at the earliest.

Personalised Number Plates for Any Occasion

The number plate for Justin’s motorway woes shows that any event, occasion, or circumstance can be celebrated with a personalised number plate from CarReg. With millions of private plates to choose from, you’re bound to be able to find one that comes close to what you’re looking for.