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DVLA Release J Prefix Number Plates

DVLA Personalised Registrations released over 110,000 new J Prefix private number plates.

RELEASE DATE - 5th October.

Approximately 5000 J prefix series were sold on day 1 alone netting more than £1million for the government.

J4 MES and J4 SON both sold for a mere snip in 1998 for £22,500 and £18,500 respectively. In today's money we both would top £100K. In recent times (May 2020) J42 MES made a whopping £80,020+fees at the Timed Online DVLA Auction.

The new numbers being released are in the range J21, 23-29, 121,123 & 321 followed by 3 letters. In 1991 when the J prefix number plates were first made available, only numbers 1-20 were originally released with higher numbers remaining as double digits and numbers in the 10's, such as 22, 33,44,55, 50,60,70 80 and so on.

Registrations such as J31 ACK (JACK), J27 MES (JAMES), J31 NNY (JENNY) are just a few examples of what were in high demand. Many of the long 'sold out' names such as JON, JEN, JES, and JOE, and also popular initials which are sold out on other Prefix letters were quickly snapped up by eager cherished number dealers and members of the public keen to bag a bargain.

Popular 3 letter names and combinations beginning with J, include: JAC, JAD, JAE, JAK, JAL, JAN, JAT, JAX, JAY, JED, JEF, JEM, JEN, JES, JOC, JOD, JOE, JON, JOS. With names like JIL / JIM not possible on prefix plates, some customers may incorporate a numeric 1 to make the name intended, i.e J121 LLY (JILLY) or J31 MMY (JIMMY)

The number 21 also proves to be a common requirement with many customers looking to mark the special occasion of a son or daughter's 21st birthday. Private number plates have become an ideal gift for young drivers of this age, with many J21*** registrations being in high demand. See our Birthday number plates page for other ideas

There are thousands of great J prefix plates left, so do not delay. When they're gone, they're gone! They do of course make ideal gifts for Christmas and can be supplied within 5 days on a 10 year DVLA Certificate of Entitlement.

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