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Prices were very strong (seems to be the case in 2020) with the highest price of £43,030 being achieved for registration 38 O, (excluding auctioneers fee and VAT.) Well over 20 registrations made in excess of £15,000.

The Auction Top 20 were:- (Hovver over reg to see prices)

  • 38 O £43,030
  • IG 7 £37,810
  • NSK 1 £31,510
  • 600 M £29,110
  • 411 AN £25,010
  • 2 SUV £25,110
  • 4 OMG £22,010
  • 1 VSS £19,110
  • 105 S £19,010
  • 125 H £16,520
  • 11 SLS £16,300
  • 451 FF£16,010
  • 51 OO£16,000
  • 50 SJM£15,520
  • ASM 4A£15,010
  • 1 ORH£15,000
  • 711 A£14,120
  • 786 AG£14,010
  • 111 MU£14,010
  • XNS 1£13,960

The next one will be in January 2021. All auctions since March 2020 and the Covid-19 pandemic were switched to Timed (online only) sales due to social distancing & lockdown measures to control the virus.

With Interest rates at an all time low, business owners, investors and anyone with some spare money doing nothing are buying cherished number plates where the potential returns can be big. There has never been a better time to invest!

We have been successfully bidding on behalf of clients for 30 years. Auctions can be daunting and sometimes expensive for the inexperienced, so we can the strain and bid for you! If you have not registered as a bidder and you would like some invaluable investment advise then we can bid for you. DVLA Auctions

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