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Prestigious Northern Irish origin number plate IG 1 went up for auction with a reserve of just £2400 was set to be one of the sales highest selling numbers. (we estimated £150,000+)

After around 5 minutes of frantic bidding it eventually sold for £222,000. (It is reported to have been purchased by retired businessman Mr Guest from the North East)

Meanwhile earlier this month, 2 other historic 'Number 1' registration numbers went under the hammer AJ 1 and DS 1.

The very first vehicle registration number issued in the North Riding of Yorkshire region, AJ 1 went under the hammer with Wilsons Auctions on Thursday 27th June. It was the first registered number plate in the English county and was owned by North Yorkshire Police for over 100 years and used by every Chief Constable since 1907. The police asset was first registered on 6th December 1907 and placed on Chief Constable Major Sir Robert Bower’s single cylinder Argyll car. 100 years later the vehicle registration plate was retired by the then Chief Constable, Grahame Maxwell in 2007, transferring it onto the police force’s mobile station.

DS 1 is one of the earliest registered number plates in Scotland (1903) and has been in the same family for over 40 years. It was bought by the family in Edinburgh from Lord and Lady Hays estate and drew up much interest at that time as it was often seen on Lord and Lady Hays car.

AJ 1 £243,000 + auctioneer fees
DS 1 £250,000 + auctioneer fees

The DVLA auction sale at The Vale Hotel in Hensol, nr Cardiff was the third ‘Live’ auction held this year. There will be a further two more later this year, one in September and November.

Auctions can be expensive for the inexperienced, so let us take the strain and bid for you! If you cannot attend or have not registered as a bidder, then CarReg can bid for you too. CarReg DVLA Auctions

Car related number plates in the auction included

AST 7N, 488 AC, BMW 9T, GH10 OST, JA66 UAR

Name related number plates

There are lots of first name and surname numberplates in the catalogue, but here are a few which made good money:-AN66 ELA, B41 KER, CHR 81S, CH17 LOE, CL14 ARK, GA11 RRY, GE69 RGE, G185 ONS, J411 MES , JOE 90X

See CarReg Number Plate Names pages for ideas

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