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DVLA Auction Sale 12-18 Jan 2022

Exclusive registration '75 O' is set to be one of the registrations to achieve the highest prices this week, which we expect to make £30,000-£35,000. Short number plates are hot property at the moment with most 3 character plates making in excess of £20,000 on the hammer.

The Auction Top picks are:-

  • 76 O
  • PAK 157N
  • 825 M
  • CR17 PTO
  • 1 RUT
  • POR 513E
  • FER 360A
  • 85 OOO
  • 511 P
  • 1 USR
  • 6 XN
  • 8 XV

This DVLA auction sale is the 1st Auction of 2022 of 9 auctions to be held this year. The next one will start on 23rd February. All numbers going under the virtual hammer and the reserves

PAK157N.webpWe have been successfully bidding on behalf of clients for 32 years. Auctions can be daunting and sometimes expensive for the inexperienced, so let us take the strain and bid for you! If you have not registered as a bidder and you would like some invaluable advise then we can bid for you. DVLA Auctions

Car related number plates in the auction include:

A61 AMG, FER 360A, MA11 ZDA, POR 718X, SP71 DER, 911 SUV, T35 LAV,

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Name related number plates

There are many first name and surname number plates in the auction, but here are a few which stand out:

ALX 2A, ARA 44N, ASH 111H, B111 LYX, CHR 4S, CON 4R, DAN 111L, ELL 18E, GA22 ETH, MUR 22Y, SEB 63

See Number Plate Names pages for more ideas!

Single Letter Number Plates

951 H, 75 O, 2006 J, 801 L, 834 N, 511 P, 1993 S, 401 W

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No.1 Registrations

1 MWO, 1 OFW, 1 RUT, 1 TXR, 1 USR, XEJ 1, 1 YTN

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2x2 Dateless Plates

56 FT, 79 KE, 98 LF, 89 LK, 36 TY, 89 UF, 88 UD, 44 WV

Business/Work-related/Novelty Plates

B111 MBO, C119 PPY, FAM 17Y, FAT 5X, HO71 DAY, 511 NK

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Browse all auction numbers here, Auction Search and see if there’s one that suits you perfectly, or give us a call and we will find the best match for you; 01902 791997.

We are hoping to secure some of the auction registrations to add to our own stock which will be available to purchase immediately at the end of the sale (Always open to sensible offers!)

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