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Think about it: You never have to stick a parking ticket on your dashboard. You never have to pull out a pass at the toll. You can change your number plate without having to wait for a new one. You can skip the DMV when it comes to vehicle registration!

Digital plates, or commonly referred to as “ePlates,” have revolutionised the number plate industry. The technology was developed by Smart Plate, a California-based company, who has created a central processing unit that will be able to display a car’s registration. However, this is not all ePlates can do! The devices are also able to provide personal messages, show ads, as well as receive and send data about their locations.

Using the same technology as behind Amazon’s Kindle ebook, ePlates will be able to digitally display large letters, just as any other license plate; however, instead of an old, stamped metal vehicle license plate, it is a modern, multi-functional digital display that is connected to your vehicle platform.

The central processing unit will act like a memory chip, and will be able to store information such as registration, parking permits, toll road user data, as well as other significant driver records. ePlates can also automatically pay tolls, track stolen cars, enable electronic vehicle registration, as well as track miles. No more DMV visits for registration, and no more DMV late fees. Online credit card automatic registration will be an option. This information can be quickly and easily accessed and essentially cuts the need for stickers on the windshield or waiting for parking tickets to be printed. Using RFID technology, a car’s access can be granted as long as a car with an ePlate is within a few feet of a sensor. This way, smart parking meters can recognize the ePlate and charge your credit card automatically, using the RFID technology.

It’s not just about convenience, it’s also about cutting costs. In 2018, a trial of 100,000 ePlates took place in California, with Sacramento being the first test city, and yielded very promising results: taxpayers, in fact, saved money! Advertising revenue increased greatly as adverts can be displayed on the ePlate whenever the car stops in any traffic. According to developer Reviver Auto, ePlates and its cutting-edge technology is projected to raise at least 20 million dollars for the state of California, solely from the revenue from advertisers. They are also extremely durable and strong and able to withstand extreme weather conditions. They can be cost effective in the long run as there will be no worry about metal degrading or aging.

The development of ePlates has also added an extra layer of safety for drivers. Digital ePlates can track stolen cars, and also features tamper-resistant mounting and built-in anti-theft features that would ease any concerns about stolen plates. Most thieves swap metal plates quickly and easily, but ePlates are quite difficult to remove and notifies the owner via text message if it becomes detached. This is also a digital solution to stolen registration stickers. The digital plates also have crisp, bright, and reflective screens and are discernible and clearly visible in all weather conditions for higher visibility. Government and emergency services can also issue amber alerts and advisories in case of disaster. It will not only be a statement piece, but an extra layer of safety.

The rise of ePlates will also undoubtedly be better for the environment. Without needing to replace stickers, metal plates, drive to the DMV - license plates can join the environmental movement. By bringing everything to a digital display, you can even customize! You can customize DMV-approved messages, custom logos or images, onto your ePlate when the vehicle is parked through an online

This lucrative and symbiotic relationship make the possibilities for ePlates are endless. Using a digital display to keep you connected to your car, ePlates are bringing the traditional license plates into the 21st century.

The DMV in the US is the equivalent of the UK's DVLA

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