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Sell A Number Plate - Number Plate Valuation

CarReg have been buying and selling private number plates since the late eighties. Obviously this gives us well over 30 years experience, that is invaluable when putting a price on a cherished or personalised number plate.

We can assure that every valuation from CarReg is carefully administered by an experienced member of staff and not via a computer program. Some of our competitors are thought to cut corners using “programs” and may even charge for a valuation.

Of course over the years, we have had to carefully adjust the retail prices as most numbers increase in value over time and that trend seems continue to rise. Some very good examples of investments are the shorter numbers like single numbers and one or two letters. These rare short number plates have become very popular with investors which has driven the values higher than ever. Two letters with one number (either way around) like 8 MB or JW 8 are deemed very rare, sought after and valuable. MB and JW are very popular initials and then a single number makes them very attractive. The number “8” is also a very attractive number which is good luck where as “4” is apparently bad luck in Chinese!

Valuations for plates with any attractive numbers have to be considered. The number one on a plate will always be very special. Number one with three, two or one letter is attractive whatever the letter. Even obscure letters with number one like XU 1 are considered valuable and attractive. The value will of course increase if the letters/initials are more popular. SM 1 will be more popular letter/initials than UO 1 so the demand and value will increase. The letter U will generally be worth less than a plate with M unless of course the valuation is for a name like SUE 1.

Of course there are car model numbers like “911” “928” “528” “555” “250” etc. Also special birthdays like “21” “40” “50” etc. In the UK every vehicle is registered with a number which must contain at least one letter and one number. Apparently the number “1” in the UAE sold for £7,000,000.

Names are also popular, the closer the actual letters/numbers are to the name, the more valuable the plate. For example J4 MES will be much more valuable than J44 MES or J444 MES. S1 NGH will be worth more than S1 NCH which can obviously look like the name Singh but it is worth less because it will only look like Singh if the “C” is changed slightly.

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