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The Worlds Top Selling Car Manufacturer

This estimate 1 billion will continue to keep rising, considering in 2016 that number was just over 88 million. Of these billion commercial and consumer vehicles, we wondered which of the various automakers is the most popular.

We have analysed the past year’s sales figures to determine the top selling car manufacturer worldwide. Although Toyota dominated the sales market across 50 countries for several years, Volkswagen Group has taken the top global spot, with 10.9 million sales and 12% off the market share. This German company originally set out with the goal of manufacturing affordable and accessible cars and has now expanded to manufacture twelve brands from seven European countries.

Based on 2018 worldwide unit sales:

  1. Volkswagen Group: 10.9m
  2. Toyota Motor Corporation: 10.6m
  3. Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi*: 10.3m
  4. General Motors 8.38m
  5. Hyundai Motor Group: 7.39m
  6. Ford Motor Company: 6m
  7. Honda Motor Company: 5.32m
  8. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles: 4.84m
  9. PSA Automobiles: 3.88m
  10. Mercedes Daimler: 3.21m

*The Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance partnered with Google in a global, multi-year agreement near the end of 2018 to embed Android operating systems to provide intelligent infotainment.

What makes an automaker stand out from the sea of competition to become so wildly successful, and how can a manufacturer improve its ranking?

Well, broadening the type of vehicle sold will certainly broaden the breadth of scope. Renault-Nissan’s acquisition of Mitsubishi is an example of this as they now have a lot more light vehicles to include. Once including every brand in a company’s group, you see why Volkswagen has maintained a top position for so many years. The Volkswagen Group includes Volkswagen commercial and passenger cars, Audi, Lamborghini, Bentley, Porsche, Bugatti, and Ducati. This now means the VW Group now has everything from small hatchbacks, passenger cars, VW and Seat, buses, coaches, light commercial vehicles, premium luxury vehicles, as well as big trucks.

In the United States, General Motors continues to lead with a 17% market share, followed by Ford Motor Company, and then the Toyota Motor Corporation.

It is necessary to mention that this article determined the lead in the race for world’s top-selling automaker by sales. There are different methodologies to measurement, as some will track the world’s largest automaker, tracking production, rather than sales. These determinations can sometimes be inaccurate due to the differing ways companies report their data. For example, Volkswagen reports deliveries to wholesale, while Toyota reports both production and sales. While the Volkswagen Group remains top in global sales, it is the Toyota Corolla that is still the best selling car in the world. Therefore, determining who is top dog in car sales globally depends on the type of ranking you use.

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