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The Great British Classic Re-Born

A Classic British Sports Car Reborn

The 1960s was a golden era for British sports car manufacturing with Jaguar, MG, Triumph, and Austin Healy producing cars that would become enduring classics. Now, a Midlands-based car manufacturer is recreating electric versions of these legendary cars.

A 21st Century MGB Roadster

The MGB roadster originally appeared on British roads in 1962. The classic sports car featured styling by legendary designer Pininfarina. Such was its success that 500,000 were built, with nine out of ten being exported overseas. Original MGBs are treasured by classic car collectors, but now you can own one that’s been reimagined for the 21st century.

RBW Electric Classic Cars has created an MBG roadster with all electric running gear. The brand-new body shell is built by British Motor Heritage, while the patented drivetrain system has been developed by the company that provides the technology for Formula E racing cars.

Range and Power

The electric motor is at the rear of the car and drives the rear wheels and the lithium-ion batteries are stored under the bonnet. The setup provides perfect weight distribution for improved handling and a real sports car feel.

The car has a range of 160 miles, which can be increased to 200 miles with an optional extra battery. With 3kW charging, a full charge takes eight hours. Top speed is 80 mph and it will take you from 0 to 60 mph in 9 seconds, quicker than the 1960s MGB.


At first glance into the open cockpit, it looks like a traditional MGB with its leather trim and two low-slung seats. But a closer look reveals a multi-function dashboard, state-of-the-art Pioneer Wi-Fi enabled navigation, USB sockets, SD card input and a 7-inch colour touchscreen. Where you would usually see the gear lever, there’s a big rotary drive selector.

More Models to Follow

An initial run of 30 of the RBW MGBs is planned and a fixed head GT will follow in 2021. The RBW system and drivetrain can be put into other body shells and the company has plans for E-Type Jaguar roadster and coupe models and a classic mini. The MGB comes with a price tag starting at £90,000.

A Classic Car Deserves a Classic Number Plate

Unlike a restored 1960s car, which may come with a classic-looking registration number, these electric classic cars are brand new and compliant for new vehicle registration. So, when you buy one, it will be issued with a new style age-related number plate. In our opinion, that just wouldn’t look right.

A classically styled car, even if it is straight out of the factory, is crying out for a personalised number plate. At CarReg, we have a great range of number plates that would look amazing on your 21st century classic.

Among the private registration numbers available for the MGB are MG 70, 60 MG, MG 4439, 12 MGB, E15 MGB, or for just £155, you could have L400 MGB.

Even if your budget won’t stretch to one of the new electric vehicles, our unique database has a huge range of personalised number plates to suit every pocket. Search for your perfect or private registration number today.