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Here at CarReg we value thousands of personalised number plates each month. (23,000+ in the the last year alone with approximately 20% of those going on the market.) Our ever growing database of "Available Registrations" is one of the largest in the cherished numbers industry.

Our revised Stock page has been built with our customers in mind with the data updating completely LIVE in real time as new registrations enter the market place.

Many dateless, suffix and prefix registration marks may not have been on the market for several decades if at all. Historic dateless (pre 1962 issue) numbers will never have been available via the DVLA which can be very rare finds indeed. All styles of personalised registration are sold through our website and we hope there is something suitable for everyone, from both an appearance and budget perspective.

Some private number plates only come on the market when an owner becomes elderly or, perhaps stops driving or sadly have passed on and those whom have inherited such private numbers then decide to sell them on. We often see cherished numbers come on the market which have been with the same owner since the 1970's or 1980's.

Registrations become available for sale on our website once sellers receive their valuation and approve it. Some will choose to amend the return price to a figure that meets their requirements, some reduce the value down if they are looking to achieve a quick sale and others may increase it depending on their circumstances.

Generally speaking the dateless style plates are those that are worth the most money, although select prefix and current style plates have been known to make a tidy sum. These would be those that closely resemble a word or name or contain a 3 lettered name , such as RO13 ERT, RU55 ELL, S1 NGH, aswel as A5 JOE, C22 BEN etc. All the different types of personalised registrations are listed and sold on and other agents websites, but with our comprehensive database you needn't look no further.

Our own company stock and new acquisitions are also featured on this page as and when they come into stock. Take a look at the new stock page now and perhaps grab a bargain!