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CarReg UK Opens New Regional Offices

CarReg Opens New Offices Throughout the UK

Wolverhampton Head Office

Established in 1988, CarReg is a family run business specialising in the buying and selling of personalised and private number plates. Our head office is located in Slade Heath, just to the north of Wolverhampton between the M54 & M6. We think the location is very appropriate given the city’s long and prestigious motoring history.

Wolverhampton had a thriving car manufacturing industry dating back to around 1884. In 1927, the city saw the installation of Britain’s first automated traffic lights in Princes Square. The signals at this junction still have the traditional black and white striped poles in commemoration of their place in history.

Early number plates carried letters that identified where a vehicle was first registered. From 1925 to 1974, the identifying letters for Wolverhampton were ‘UK’. For example, the registration numbers ‘547 DUK’ or ‘GUK 621E’ would have been issued in this Black Country city. There are also many other great combinations issued locally such as OB / UE / ON = BOB, SUE, JON.

London Office

For our customers in the south, our new London office can be found on Old Park Lane in Mayfair. This affluent area was named after the annual ‘May Fair’ that took place there in the 17th and 18th centuries.

When number plates were first introduced, London was designated by the letter ‘A’. The first registration number issued by London County Council on December 7th 1903 was ‘A 1’. It was issued to Earl Russell, a keen motor enthusiast, who had his butler queue up overnight at the council office to ensure he got the prized plate which he proudly displayed on his Napier motor car. Single letter personalised number plates are still the most sought after.

Edinburgh Office

Our Scottish office is located at 21 Young Street in Edinburgh, Scotland’s historic capital city, affectionately known as ‘Auld Reekie’. For vehicle registrations, the letter ‘S’ identified an Edinburgh registered vehicle, with ‘S 1’ being the first to be issued in Scotland in 1903. Later plates on vehicles registered in the city featured the letters ‘SC’, ‘SF’, ‘SG’ and ‘SX’.

Manchester Office

Clients in the north west of England can now visit our Manchester office at 19 Lever Street. Manchester’s automotive history includes the establishment in 1911 of the first Ford manufacturing plant outside the US in Trafford Park. The plant initially produced Model T Fords for the UK market with an annual output of over 6,000 cars by 1914. The early Manchester registration numbers were issue by Cheshire Council, with the first being ‘M 1’ in 1903.

Swansea Office

The new office for our clients in Wales is at 15 Brynmor Road in Swansea. Where could be more appropriate for our number plate business than the home of the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) which deals with all information regarding Britain’s drivers and vehicles. Swansea’s first vehicle registration number was ‘L 1’ issued by Glamorgan County Council in 1904.

We look forward to seeing you at our regional offices. However, visits are by appointment only so that we can offer you the personal and professional service that you deserve. Contact us today to make an appointment or search our website if you wish to browse stock.