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Putting a private plate on a Lease car ?

We'd like to reassure our customers and anyone thinking of purchasing a private number plate, that it is easy to transfer and use your registration on a leased vehicle.

If you have a vehicle which is L34 SED then here is some useful information worth knowing:-

Since many vehicles are leased in some capacity, either on a business contract or a PCP (personal contract purchase) (and the volume of privately cash owned vehicles on the decline with each year that goes by) it is very simple to arrange the transfer of a private number plate to a leased vehicle, even if you do not have the V5C registration document.

Most lease companies either have their own in-house customer services or a company who handles the fleet administration services on their behalf. Some will of course charge a small administration charge (£10 - £50) depending on the lease company and their policy.

You can quite often just supply the original Certificate V750 / V778 or a copy may suffice to the leasing company who will then take care of it all. They will then advise when you are legal to fit your replacement number plates.

Towards the end of the leased period, usually the retention will be arranged for you and you will be obliged to pay the required admin fee plus £80.00 DVLA fee to the lease company. They will then be able to send you a Retention Document for your registration to be transferred to another vehicle in the future once your vehicle is returned.

Lease companies will not have any interest in your registration and CarReg have even used Six figured value registration plates on a fleet of company leased Citroen C1's .

CarReg can recommend the website for all the very best personal or business Contract hire and leasing deals.

Any questions regarding transferring a plate can often answered by searching in our knowledge base CarReg FAQ's alternatively you can call and speak to one of our staff.

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