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DVLA Report High Demand For Private Number Plates

DVLA Says Demand for Private Number Plates Has Been Strong in 2020

Despite a vast change in the UK’s driving habits and falling new car sales due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for private number plates is as strong as ever according to a press release from the DVLA.

Dan and Sam Are the Most Searched Private Registration Numbers

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) says that almost 370,000 private registrations have been bought so far this year via the agency’s online service. That is despite many fewer drivers using their cars during the pandemic and a huge drop in new car sales.

As the festive period approaches, private number plates are being sold at the rate of one every minute, which is over 50,000 every month. Private registrations are displayed for various reasons, such as promoting a business or for showing allegiance to the driver’s favourite football club.

However, the most popular searches for private number plates from suppliers such as CarReg continue to be for the vehicle owners’ names. The most common searches this year have been for ‘SAM’ and ‘DAN’, closely followed by ‘BEN’, ‘TOM’ and ‘AMY’. In the top ten searches of 2020, the only non-names were ‘BMW and ‘BOSS’.

The top ten private registration number searches so far in 2020 are:

  • SAM – 33,758
  • DAN – 30,986
  • BEN – 23,579
  • TOM – 23,251
  • AMY – 19,288
  • BOSS – 19,103
  • BMW – 19,076
  • LEE – 18,525
  • ASH – 18,087

Private Number Plates Sales Strong Despite Fall in Car Sales

The strong demand for private number plates has come as a surprise with the huge fall in new car sales. In the UK so far this year, only 1.5 million new cars have been registered, compared to 2.2 million by the end of November in 2019. With the finances of many people affected by the pandemic, car purchases have been pushed back.

The lockdowns and tier restrictions have led to more people working from home which in turn has meant up to 550 million fewer miles being driven by UK commuters. Compared to pre-coronavirus levels in March this year, commuters are driving an average of 30 fewer miles each week.

Private Registration Numbers Are a Great Investment

As shown by a recent study in the US, private number plates are seen as a sign of social status. The number of sales and the value of the plates tend not to be affected during economic downturns, which is another reason they are a great investment. That is the main reason for the strong demand during these difficult times.

Damian Lawson, Head of DVLA Private Registrations Sales said,

“The figures we have released in the run up to the festive season show that private registrations continue to prove popular with customers. Many people find them the perfect gift or accessory to their car.”

With more than 60 million registrations available on the CarReg website, and prices starting at just £155, there are almost endless combinations to suit any person’s taste or budget. Use our sophisticated and easy to use private plates search function to find your ideal plates.