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Number Plate Gift Buying Guide

With 2020 such an unusual year for the United Kingdom and the World as a whole tackling the Covid-19 pandemic, we're sure that many are looking forward to some special time spent with loved ones this year. We wish all of our customers past and present a wonderful, healthy, Happy Christmas.

Each year, we all scratch our heads thinking for something to buy for those nearest and dearest. It's always difficult to purchase something unique which has not been already been done before.

Lets be honest, most adults who do not have a particular something, probably don't want that naff, unusual (novelty) item anyway, otherwise they would have bought one for themselves already, which is why the most popular gifts are often newer versions of something we already have (clothing/footwear like 'Socks' or 'a jumper', Beauty items like fragrances/ make-up or techie things, like phones, tablets & headphones or of course the traditional festive hampers containing enjoyable treats to eat or drink over the festive period).

However we believe a cherished number plate can tick all the boxes when it comes to being the perfect gift which is both easy to arrange and simple to transfer by by the receiver.

Private Number Plates are personal, unique and everlasting, making an ideal gift for any driver who does not already have one!

Who are you buying for?

Whether it's for your Mum, Dad, Brother, Sister, Son , Daughter, Friend, Neighbour , dog, cat, we've got your number!

What is your budget?

You name it, we have it! CarReg have options from £49. We have millions of unissued government stock which start from £266 (excluding plates). We also have exclusive registrations (2x2 format) for thousands of pounds for those looking to purchase something really special.

Type of Registration

Names or Initials? or a combination of both. Search Online or Contact us if you need assistance. It is important to consider the age of the vehicle the intended gift recipient drives and if purchasing a current style registration, make sure it is suitable. Try using our simple Make Your Own tool to find yours

Unsure which to buy

If you really cannot make your mind up from the vast selection to choose from, we also offer Gift Vouchers which can be purchased in any denomination and can be redeemed by the recipient within 2 years.

Order Safely Online - It only takes a minute

Enter the information requested (usual name, address and select your preferred card payment method or paypal or apple pay) then sit back with a mince pie and a cuppa and wait to receive the DVLA Certificate to enclose in a Christmas card (and Pair of plates if you add to your order - You'd be mad not to, since they will make a great stocking filler and will save the gift recipient having to mess around getting their own made!)

Actual Number Plates

Under the optional extras section of the online order form (Professionally made plates from £22.50) , tick to add these to your order, then simply gift wrap them once you receive, we always prefer this so you can ensure you have received the correct plates to avoid any embarrassment should in the unlikely event, a mistake occurring and incorrect plates being sent.

How Long does It take to arrive?

It only takes 5-7 working days to receive the paperwork through the post after completing your order online (the actual plates will arrive a little sooner 1-2 business days) see our FAQ's if you need to know any more.

CarReg Are DVLA Registered Number Plates Suppliers