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When it comes to private number plates, the sky’s the limit. All you need is a little inspiration to create a plate that stands out. And the best place to find inspiration? The movies, of course. If you’re in the market for a private plate, we’ve got some inspiring examples to get your creative juices flowing.

Check out these 10 private plates straight off the big screen.

10 Private Plates From The Big Screen

1. Ghostbusters

    Ghostbusters is a piece of cinematic genius. It’s classic and iconic — much like the gang’s number plate: ECTO-1. Who you gonna call?

    2. Kill Bill

      Beatrix Kiddo gets sweet revenge when she steals the PSY WGN from the evil Buck. And we love her for it.

      3. Back To The Future

        Doc Brown may not have been using it as a car, but its number plate OUTATIME is too aptly named to resist including it here.

        4. Batman

          Adam West’s 1966 adaptation of the famed comic is a classic that will go down in history, spawning several remakes over the years. But the simple, subtle and sly number plate really captures the soul of the film. The BAT 1 number plate is still sought after to this day.

          5. Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery

            We all know Austin Powers, the time-traveling spy stuck in the age of disco. His vibrant personality and raunchy shenanigans make an impression, and so does the car he drives around in, donning the personalised number plate: SWINGER. If you had any questions as to his nightly escapades, there’s your answer.

            6. 101 Dalmatians

              This Disney classic uses Cruella de Vil’s number plate to cue in the audience on the character’s devious nature. While Dev il might be her name, it’s also synonymous with her evil behavior.

              7. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

                John Hughes paid homage to many of his previous movies with this film, using number plates to subtly give a playful nod. The aptly-named NRVOUS, however, stands out for its comedic nudge at the Frye family’s anxious nature.

                8. James Bond

                  James Bond’s 007 JB private number plate is easily one of the most recognizable. And did you know, it’s also one of the most expensive?

                  9. Toy Story

                    Pixar, in general, is known for the Easter eggs it hides in all of its movies, and the private number plate A113 is no different. This number can be found in all of the films, though in Toy Story it is routinely found on the back of a Pizza Planet car.

                    10. Breaking Bad

                    While technically not from a movie (unless we connect the show with the recently released El Camino) Jesse Pinkman’s number plate stands out for its seemingly-taunting nature. His plate, reading The Capn secured his fate as a meth-crushing sidekick to the infamous Walter White.

                    Others of note which have been sold for high values in recent years relate to the 1960’s film, The Italian Job, and other iconic cars featured in Bond Movies.