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We have noticed recently that many clients are now going "private" — private number plates like 1 GO, OO 11 and O6 are becoming more and more popular. Drivers can enhance the look of their car and enjoy a different number plate without having their name or initials on it by going "private". You don't have to break the bank either, prices start from only a few hundred pounds for private plates like OO66 ZZZ.

For many years now the UK vehicle registration industry has created many labels, and some of them seem to be wrongly used. As an explanation, a private plate or private number plate should be one that is nothing to do with the driver or the owner or the vehicle. If the registration has personalisation to the driver or vehicle then that would be a personalised number plate.

Who would want to buy a private plate? There are so many reasons why drivers would want to invest in this type of plate. If you can imagine a world famous Mr.James Smith driving around his local village with a personalised plate. Almost everyone in that village would know Mr.Smith and spot him driving. If Mr.Smith had a similar value "private number plate" like OO 11, this will still obviously look great, but less personalised to give him some anonymity. Both are great investments but it depends on how you want to portray yourself.

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