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Patriotic Private Number Plates From CarReg UK

Drivers Given the Chance to Buy Patriotic Number Plates

Drivers who are looking to add a unique personal touch to their car were given the chance to buy patriotic personalised number plates over the past week. An online DVLA auction held from the 13th to 19th of January offered registration numbers that might particularly appeal to Welsh motorists.

Drivers were able to bid for private number plates such as ‘ARW 6L’ (ARWEL), ‘CON 70Y (CONWY) and DRA 900N (DRAGON) to display their national pride. The seven day fully online auction included 1,250 registration numbers with reserve prices ranging from £250 to £2,500. The DVLA holds a number of live online auctions each year.

The DVLA has revealed that there has been a boom in the demand for private number plates. During 2020, a record number of people visited websites such as to buy a private registration number. Even on Christmas Day, 1,239 personalised number plates were bought.

Alternative Welsh themes and names available at the auction included ‘BAN 9A’ (BANGOR), ‘DYL 33N’ (DYLAN) and ‘OWE9N’ (OWEN).

Show Your Patriotism with a Private Number Plate

If you missed the DVLA auction you can still add a touch of patriotism to your car by browsing the huge database of personalised number plates at CarReg. With almost 60 million registration numbers available, you’re sure to find the ideal plates to suit your vehicle.

To continue the Welsh theme, you could choose ‘WAL 35S’, ‘WAL 35Y’, ‘CY20 MRU’, ‘DYL 3N’ (DYLAN) or ‘OWE 2N’ (OWEN). Welsh Rugby Union fans might go for ‘B4 WRU’, ‘P45 WRU’ or ‘W1 WRU’. TAF , CWM also remain popular choices for customers in Wales as do regional numbers ending *EY for residents of Anglesey.

If you’re proud to be British, appropriate numbers include ‘911 UK’, ‘5803 UK’ and ‘UK 3887’. For the English, we have ‘M60 ENG’, V6 ENG, ‘F13 ENG’, ‘K23 ENG’ and many more.

We also have a great selection for the Scots. How about ‘SCO 1T’, ‘SCO 715H’, ‘M1 SCO’, ‘V123 SCO’? See more 'SCO' number plates

Many people are sad that the UK has left the European Union, but you could show your pro EU feelings with private number plates such as ‘EU 6’, ‘50 EU’, ‘EU 29’ or ‘2000 EU’.

When you buy private number plates, you can be as inventive as you like to get the plates you want.