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DVLA Release New Irish Personalised Number Plates

DVLA Releases New Personalised Number Plates

Thousands of number plates have been released by the DVLA this week, including many dateless plates with popular name abbreviations such as BAZ, DAZ, FAZ and GAZ.

Regardless of how old your car is, fitting number plates without an age identifier adds a stylish, personal touch. And you don’t have to be rich to join the exclusive club of drivers with personalised number plates. Most of the newly released dateless plates are available for under £1,000.

Of course, you can spend as much as you like on a personalised registration number. People associated with football clubs often spend a fortune to get the right plates. Sir Doug Ellis, the late Aston Villa chairman splashed out on the plate ‘AV 1’ which probably cost more than each of the Rolls-Royce cars he displayed it on. The club’s former manager, John Gregory, sold his private ‘V1LLA’ plate for £39,000.

What’s in a Name? Quite a Lot!

While the latest batch of number plates released by the DVLA includes some of the most popular three-letter nicknames, along with three numbers, the first letter of your name could mean a big difference in what you pay for your personalised plates. BAZ, DAZ, FAZ, GAZ, MAZ, NAZ, TAZ, VAZ, WAZ and YAZ range in price from £399 to £999.

In the mid-price range, you might opt for CAZ at £799. You never know – it might give you exemption from paying the fee for entering the Clean Air Zones that are coming into effect across the country! But probably not.

Get Your Name for Under £500

Here are some of the newly available registration plates that might take your fancy. Look out for your lucky numbers too.

BAZ - £899

If your name is Barry, you could go for BAZ with 344, 377, 588, 662, 677, 688, 774, 779, 992, 993 or 996.

CAZ - £799

For Carol, Caroline, or Carolyn, or for fans of the Clean Air Zones, there’s CAZ with 332, 335, 377, 442, 552, 663, 774, 811, 822, 889 and 995.

DAZ - £899

Perfect for Darren or Darryl or your favourite washing detergent, you can get DAZ with 322, 335, 377, 660, 766, 811, 889, 977, 992 and 998.

GAZ - £999

For the Gary, Garry or Garfield in your life, the perfect present could be GAZ with 188, 554, 633, 667, 772, 779, 799, 833 or 855.

JAZ - £899

JAZ along with 484, 588, 770, 771, 773, 778, 822, 833, 966 or 995 might be ideal for Jasmine, Jasbir, or fans of a particular music genre.

VAZ - £399

At the cheaper end of the scale is VAZ with 166, 211, 220, 266, 337, 366, 442, 554, 656, 668, 688, 699, 771, 844, 886, and 966.

CarReg Has Your Ideal Plates Personalised Number Plates

If your ideal personalised number plate doesn’t appear here, don’t despair! At CarReg we have a database with almost 60 million registration numbers, priced from as little as £250. So, you should be able to find the perfect plates for your name