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The UK’s Most Popular Names for Personalised Number Plates

Personalised number plates that spell out names are understandably one of the most popular types of registration number. But the popularity of names tends to go in cycles, just like fashion. Here we’ll have a look at name number plates and some of the most popular current names.

Your name on a plate

Making up a number plate with your exact name isn’t always easy. It depends on the number of letters and the spelling. They can also be the most expensive type of plate. In the past, registrations such as ANN 1E, B1 LLY, CHR 1S, and DAV 1D have sold for big money. So, when it comes to your first name, surname, nickname, you might need to get a little more creative.

The following are ten name number plates that have sold for relatively high values this year and involved using some imagination.

  • 5 OPH
  • CO17 RAD
  • LEA 1H
  • RO13 ERT
  • AL13 ERT
  • TR14 CEY
  • HA12 VEY
  • AL15 TER
  • CH14 RLE

It’s clear what names these plates represent by combining the letters and numerals and it shows what you can do.

Most popular names

The popularity of names often reflects modern culture and the latest film, TV, and pop stars. Since Amazon Alexa became available, the girls name Alexa has plummeted in popularity. In the late 1990s, Brittany Spears and Kerry Katona were popular and they became popular girls’ names, but they’ve all but disappeared now. Similarly, the boys’ names Glenn and Kieren are hardly seen today.

Once popular names for number plates that have become less fashionable include BRY(AN), COL(IN), KEN and ROY. On the other hand, names that have come into fashion in recent years include Oscar, William, Henry, Sebastian, Noah, Ethan, Alfie, Poppy, Sophie and Lily.

According to the UK Office for National Statistics, Oliver has been the most popular name for boys since 2013 and Olivia for girls since 2016. In the top 10 names list, Freya and Lily replaced Ella and Emily. Surprisingly, at number four, Arthur is at its most popular since records began in 1904.

Names that entered the top 100 include some unexpected entries. Alfred, Chester, Hudson, Ibrahim, and Oakley replaced Alex, Dexter, Dominic, Kai, Sonny and Tobias. For the girls, Lara and Mabel replaced Aisha and Francesca. It’s the first appearance for Mabel since 1924, which shows how the popularity of names can turn around.

Choosing your personalised number plate

If you can’t find the registration number that spells out your name, you can search the CarReg website for available numbers, or even make up your own. Some that are available for today’s most popular names include:

  • ALF 2D, L121 ALF, AA52 ALF, and more for Alfred
  • CHE 57Y for Chester
  • DEX 3, S9 DEX, AA14 DEX, and many more for Dexter
  • LAR 4B for Lara
  • M24 BEL for Mabel
  • OAK 80Y for Oakley
  • OLL 6Y or OLL 36Y for Oliver

The most popular baby names today could become the popular personalised number plate names of the future. Make your own plate today and it could be a sound investment.