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Private Number Plates - Sexy 69 Private Plates

In more recent times the DVLA have been very careful with the private number plates they release. We were quite surprised that the current format allowed the "69" series.

There are quite a few that could turn heads, raise eyebrows and get a smile :) Of course any combintations with BUM, F*K, UNT are banned, just incase a user tries to make anything "too" rude! However, fun numbers like SU69 CKY - OR69 ASM - GO69 FUN - DO69 FUN have been released by the DVLA and available.

These are not "too" hard on the eye however, in the past we have seen issues (sometimes legal) with different private number plates like BO11 UXX - H10 UNT - B16 NOB - CU11 NNT. Combinations with CUM, FUC/FUK, SEX have always been banned

69 private number plates

Anything with "69" followed by SUK, SUC, NOB & PUS have been banned, despite these letters being allowed on other year issues.

A small selection of private number plates with 69

However there are hundreds of 69 FUN , 69 JOY and 69 LUV private number plates available and over 13,000 combinations of each OO69, XX69 and BJ69 currently available to buy now, did you see BJ69 KFC floating around on social media?

There are also many other great eye catching numbers which were issued by the DVLA. PEN 15 was one of the most famous. There were also other very notable naughty and rude number plates that slipped the net like; FU 2, BO11 LOX, B16 BOY, B16 NAX, H10 UNT, B16 MUF, WA11 NKR, BOO 85. We are just not sure why one earth people would want some of these displayed on their vehicles!

There are many different words and names used for what we sell, we believe that "Sexy number plates" belong to the "private number plates" or "private plates" category as they are not personal or personalised and certainly not cherished.

Please contact us if you spot any more 'rude', 'sexy' or naughty number plates, we would like to add them to our social media (subject to legal spacing!)

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