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Rare Short Number Plate At Auction

All single letters are now thought to be worth well over one hundred thousand pounds. The number will be auctioned at Silverstone classic auction on August 1st 2020.

In 1904 all vehicles were required to carry an identification number "a number plate". The first number plate was A1. Each area of the country was assigned a letter, with Birmingham being assigned the letter O.

Back in 1949 the owner of O9 bought the number plate for only £5, obviously a substantial amount back then but what an investment! Short early number plates like this do not come on sale very often so this number should create a lot of interest. We will report the sale price in August.

CarReg have been very fortunate to be able to collect short number plates like O9. We own pairs like P2 + 2P, also K5 + 5K, also 8M + 9M. Pairs like these are almost impossible to obtain.

Short numbers with number one like D1 or 1E are now thought to be all valued over £350,000. The more popular the letter, then possibly more valuable. A1 which of course is normally "the best" is priceless, this number is owned by the Royal family of Brunei so it's doubtful that it will become available. A1 was the first number plate to be issued in the UK.