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Funny Number Plates That Sum Up 2020

Funny Number Plates Sum up 2020

During a year of COVID-19, parts of Australia have also suffered from flooding and devastating bushfires. But the Australians are a resilient bunch and people still find plenty to laugh about. Some motorists have been spotted driving around Adelaide with number plates that sum up the past year perfectly and to great amusement.

Number Plates Say What Many People Think

A white Suzuki APV minivan has been seen driving around the streets of Adelaide, South Australia, with the registration number “2020SUX”, which pretty much says what most people are thinking.

And, for people who really don’t know what hit them this year, another Adelaide driver in a blue Ford Fairlane is displaying the number plate “2020WTF”.

All around the world, amid the coronavirus pandemic, social media users have collectively named 2020 as the worst year and created the Twitter hashtag ‘2020sucks’.

Australia’s 2020 Really Has Sucked!

Those South Australia number plates have hit the nail on the head, especially for the areas of the country that have suffered more than most.

The year kicked off with the bushfire season, dubbed the ‘Black Summer’, particularly in New South Wales. The worst of the fires during December and January covered more than 18.6 million hectares, killed at least 34 people and destroyed almost 6,000 buildings.

Then came the coronavirus pandemic. That prompted a national lockdown and the closure of internal and national borders and a ban on international travel that’s still in place.

Just to top off the year, December 2020 has seen Australia’s east coast battered by storms and flash flooding. With severe thunderstorms, heavy rainfall and damaging winds hitting areas of Queensland and NSW, The Bureau of Meteorology issued storm and flood warnings.

Say it With Personalised Number Plates

It seems it’s not just in Australia that people say it with number plates. A blue Toyota Camry was also spotted in America displaying Ohio plates with the number ‘2020SUX’.

You can also express yourself with personalised number plates from CarReg. The DVLA weeds out any registration numbers that are deemed too rude or offensive, but with over 52,000,000 million available plates on the CarReg website, you have plenty of scope to get creative.

If the year has brought you to tears, how about ‘2 CRY’, ‘H1 CRY’ or ‘L20 CRY’. Another expressive number is ‘AD20 UGH’. Alternatively, you could cheer yourself up with a private number plate with your name or initials on it, just because you deserve to treat yourself.

Let’s face it – things can only improve, so here’s to a better 2021!