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The truth is, you don’t need to be particularly rich or flashy to get a personalised number plate. So what kind of person is the typical private plate customer? Let’s take a look...

A wide selection

The truth is, the types of people who get private plates are almost as varied as the plates themselves. Both men and women, young and old, of all different races and income levels, may decide to put their own personal brand on their car.

For some, a private plate is about showing off their vehicle. For others, it’s more personal: representing something that means a lot to them or has some special significance. Or maybe you’ve just got a great idea for a joke or clever message that would look good on a plate and make the cars behind you laugh when they see it.

The only real prerequisite for having a personalised plate is that you’re passionate about something – enough to put it on display. Private plates have been compared to a tattoo for your car. It’s not quite as permanent as that, but the basic principle is the same. If there’s something you care about enough to put on display to the world, then you’re the ideal private plate customer.

Other reasons for private plates

Of course, private plates aren’t just about pride and sentimentality. There are other reasons getting one besides just representing your favorite hobby or loved one. For instance, particularly if you use your car for business, a personalised plate can be great branding. A memorable plate is a great way to get your company name in people’s heads, any time you go out and about.

You can also purchase a private plate for a friend or family member, as a way of making their car uniquely theirs. It’s a great add-on if you’re giving someone a car as a gift. But even if you’re not, just the plate itself makes a great gift, to show someone you care.

A private plate can be an investment as well. If you get a particularly coveted number, it may go up in value over time—sometimes by quite a bit. When automotive designer Afzal Kahn bought the registration plate “F1” in 2008, he paid £440,000 for it—the most expensive plate ever sold at the time. Today, that “F1” plate is worth well over £12,000,000.

But even if you don’t have hundreds of thousands of pounds to spend on a premium plate, you can still get one that represents you. Most plates are surprisingly affordable, and just about anyone can enjoy one, whether they’re rich and flashy or just working class.

So, are you the classic private plate customer? To answer that, ask yourself, “Is there something I’d like to put on a plate?” If the answer to that is, “Yes,” then you’re the ideal private plate customer. Let us help you find and register your perfect personalised plate today!