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The DVLA Sells Off Private Number Plates With F1 Theme

DVLA Puts Formula 1 Themed Private Number Plates Up for Auction

The DVLA is set to sell a unique selection of Formula 1 related private number plates at its next timed online auction which starts this week. The plates celebrate four of the most prominent teams from the past and present of F1 racing — Aston Martin, Ferrari, McClaren and Mercedes. They are sure to attract bids from motor racing fans and owners of cars from those prestigious marques.

Fans of the world championship winning Mercedes team and driver Lewis Hamilton can bid on ‘AMG 1F’, although it has the highest starting price at £500. With a starting price of £400, ‘SF21 FER’ relates to the latest chassis design of Ferrari’s F1 car. It will appeal to fans of Ferrari, the most successful and oldest surviving F1 team.

British F1 fans can get their hands on ‘MCL 35M’, the latest McClaren F1 chassis number. McClaren is the second oldest team in F1 and also just behind Ferrari in terms of success. For 2021, Aston Martin is celebrating its return to Formula 1 for the first time since 1960. Fans of the legendary British marque will be bidding on ‘AMR 21F’. Both of these plates start at £300 in the auction.

Jody Davies, DVLA Personalised Registrations’ Senior Sales Manager said, “Formula One, and everything surrounding the sport including the race cars, teams and drivers, always prove popular with our customers. Those private registrations included in this latest sale will, I’m sure, be a hit.”

The F1 plates are among 1,000 plates being made available, which also include new 71 plates ahead of their September launch. The auction runs from Wednesday 23rd June to Tuesday 29th June.

‘F 1’ Plate is Not for Sale

Unfortunately for enthusiasts, the holy grail of motor racing number plates is not being put up for sale. The ‘F 1’ plate was bought in 2008 for £440,000 by entrepreneur Afzal Khan who turned his passion for personalised number plates into a business. But he has no plans to sell the plate any time soon. In 2013, he turned down an offer of £6 million, and in 2018 a staggering £10 million offer was also rejected.

At the time, a spokesman for Khan Design told the Daily Mail, “We have received a significant multi-million pound offer for the F1 plate which we rejected out of hand. Mr Kahn has no interest in selling F1, which is his favourite plate.

“Cherished & private plates, unlike property or other investments tend not to fluctuate in value, they only go up. It really shouldn’t be a shock to people that the number plate is worth millions of pounds.”

You could always make him an offer, but we don’t fancy your chances!

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