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Promoting Your Business with Personalised Number Plates

Lettings and Valuation Number Plates

When Mark Vincent and Mark Downing opened their lettings and estate agency in the 1990s, they came up with a distinctive way to promote the business. The Eurolet directors purchased industry-related personalised number plates for their company cars. The registration numbers are T2 LET, V41 UES and V41 UER. As the staff drove around the local area, there was no mistaking what business they were in.

As reported by The Negotiator, the company originally started in Stansted, Essex, as Eurolet Property Management. They have since relocated to Bishops Stortford in Hertfordshire and shortened the business name to Eurolet. At the time, the area only had three letting agencies, but now there are around 20.

During the UK’s first lockdown, instead of having their business stifled, Downing and Vincent saw it as an opportunity to increase their share of the market. While other agents put their phones on divert and sat around in the sun on furlough, Eurolet continued to build their business.

Business Number Plates for Sale

Eurolet’s company car personalised number plates are now being put up for sale. Downing told The Negotiator, “For taxation and accounting reasons we have switched to a system of staff using their own vehicles and being paid a mileage allowance, so our property-related numbers plates have become surplus to requirements.”

As part of the agency’s post- lockdown business review, the directors are looking at reducing their expenses and disposing of unused assets. The private number plates are a part of the clear out.

T2 LET and V41UES are being sold for £3,250 for the pair. V41 UER has already been snapped up.

Buy Your Business-Related Number Plates from CarReg

Start promoting your business today with personalised number plates. CarReg has a unique database with thousands of available private registration numbers that could suit your business. The easy to use search feature lets you enter any combination of letters and numbers to help you find your perfect plates.

If you’re a plumber, PL04 UMB might work, while an electrician could have PLU 61N. A car sales business could go for C8 CAR, CAR 16K, CAR 5L or many others. HO14 USE or E57 ATE could be alternatives for an estate agent. How about HOT 1A for a heating engineer or PLA 571C for a synthetics company? The possibilities are endless.

With over 30 years of experience, CarReg can help you to find the ideal personalised number plates for your company vehicles.