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Debunked Myths About Personalised Number Plates

Common Myths About Personalised Number Plates

Personalised number plates have become popular in recent years, as they have become an invaluable asset for the modern motorist. Initially, they were novelty items meant for the high-status individual, but today, hundreds of motorists are taking home their first personalised number plates. From family cars to buses to bikes and many more, you can find customised number plates everywhere these days.

However, there are still so many people in the UK who aren’t convinced about getting a new number plate, having fallen foul of a few misconceptions about this subject in general. In this article, we’ll debunk some of these myths and separate facts from fiction.

Personalised Plates Are Expensive

Some personalised number plates are more expensive than others. However, there are still a lot of options available to suit every budget. Various factors, such as the combination of numbers and letters and the uniqueness of the private number, determine the desirability of the plate. Although it can be challenging to determine how much is a new number plate, a dedicated new number plate supplier will help you find the right plate without breaking the bank.

They Are Hard to Buy

Another common myth about personalised number plates is that they are hard to get. This isn’t true. While some plates can be more challenging to obtain than others, most can be purchased directly from an authorised personalised number dealer. You only need to ensure you have all the required documentation to process the transfer of your car.

A personalised Number Plate Can Affect Your Insurance Premiums

While a private number plate can draw attention to your car, it doesn’t increase your insurance premium because it’s rare for the cover to include the registration itself. This is because a customised plate isn’t considered as a modification. In some instances, a custom number plate could be beneficial to your insurance provider, as it makes it easy to trace the vehicle in case of theft. This means custom plates can help deter criminals.

You Can Get Any Number Plate for Your Car

It is not allowed to buy a custom number plate to make your car look newer than it is. You’re only allowed to use a plate that is older or of the same age as the original registration. Nevertheless, this rule doesn’t apply to pre-1963 (dateless) registrations. This is because they don’t feature an age identifier and can, therefore, be applied to any car.

You Cannot Transfer a Custom Number Plate to a Leased Vehicle

You can transfer a personalised plate to a leased vehicle. However, you will need permission from the leasing contractor, as they are the registered keeper of the car. Also, you will be required to pay admin charges to the leasing company to help facilitate this change.

Registering a New Number Plate Is a Tedious Process With Much Paperwork Involved

Contrary to what most people think, the private number plate process is straightforward and can be completed in a few days. In addition, it's something that the number plate dealer can do for you once you make your order. Thus, if you prefer to have all the paperwork completed by someone else, then your number plate dealer can help.

Overall, custom number plates are a simple and affordable way to add a personal touch to your car. However, it’s imperative to research the private number plate legal requirements to avoid any misunderstandings. So, before buying, be sure to speak to your dealer for a few tips.