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Tips & Tricks For Choosing A Personalised Number Plate

CarReg Helping You Choose Your Ideal Personalised Number Plate

Many motor car owners dream of having a personalised number plate. In the past only the rich and famous were able to afford to customise their number plates. Now this is easy with the help of CarReg's unique search system and lower prices, custom-made number plates are a way to make a car personally yours. However, the only trouble is determining the type of number plate to go for as there are so many options. These are a few car registration ideas and tips that should help every car owner interested in a personalised number plate find the one that fits their preferences and needs.


Like any other trade, the budget is the best place to start with when looking for a customised number plate. You want to know the amount of money that is available for use on a customised plate. Personalised number plates differ in price, so take time to find out which one falls within your price bracket. You can see our plate designs online and can see the different number plate styles available in the UK market and their price range. DVLA personalised number plates that are in higher demand and more exclusive will probably cost you more than those in low demand. For example, anyone interested in the number plate ‘60 ALS’ may have to spend at least £150,000 from the UK's leading personalised number plate dealer CarReg.


You probably want a number plate that you will love as much in a decade as you do now. That’s why experts discourage going for a custom number plate that is in trend. Think about something that fascinates you if you don’t want your number plate to have anything that represents your name. You can opt for something related to your favourite football or sports team, or incorporate a particular hobby or interest ?


People are now using phonetics and visual tricks to spell their name or another name on their custom number plate. The trick works well when the number plate that one wants is available but expensive or when it is out of stock. Plus, number plates written with phonetics and visual tricks look pretty awesome. For example, with visual tricks and phonetics, car owners can use letter L to represent 1 and letter Z to represent 2, and B for 8. Car owners can use letters and numbers to represent whole words as well. For example, a car owner can use 4 TEE for forty and U for you.


Though researching may not be creative, it is a crucial step because there are specific procedures that a car owner has to follow when searching for a custom-made number plate. For example, DVLA requires that an authorised supplier to issue all new style numbers and be designed in a specific way to meet legal requirements. However, anyone not interested in researching can contact various online cherished number dealers to learn more about personalised number plates.

Be Flexible

DVLA personalised number plates are very popular in the UK. Thousands of car owners have already applied for their favourite number plates. As such, your 'ideal' combination may not be available anymore if it is somehow popular. That’s why it is crucial to have several options for customised number plates in mind and an emergency one as well in case all the available ones are taken. Car owners can work with the variation of their favourite combination, but they should be prepared to go for the other available options in case the price goes beyond their budget. Keep an open mind and consider alternatives which may not be your ideal, but will still do the job and hopefully be a good investment at the same time.

Decide What You Want

You could be applying for a personalised number plate to launch a personal brand or promote your business. Maybe you want to make your brand unique as it marks a special occasion in its life such as the tenth anniversary. Custom-made number plates are a fun and unique way for car owners to share their grand moments with the rest. That’s why personalised number plates are now everywhere on the streets. However, car owners don’t have to stop at promoting their ventures or brand. Instead, they can use a combination of letters and words or their name to make their vehicles known. Therefore, make sure you understand what you are interested in before going hunting for a custom-made number plate. Knowing your needs and wants will narrow down your search. Whether it be a registration specific to you, your vehicle, your age, your hobby or interest, is totally down to you.


Experts recommend anyone who wants to be creative with their personalised number plate to take time to consider all the available options. Talk with relatives, colleagues, and friends and ask them for criticism and support on your personalised number plate ideas. After all, a number plate is something you will stick with for even decades so take time to think it through. Creativity comes when a car owner is trying to combine symbols, numbers, and letters to get their desired plate while following the rules. Though a car owner can use some letters to represent a number, for example, some car owners use letter S for number 5 and letter R for number 12. Online auto stores have a feature called super search that can help car owners in finding the perfect personalised number plate. It also helps those with an idea of what they are looking for to find the ideal number plate for their vehicles.


Many car owners searching for customised number plates prefer going for combinations of numbers and letters that resemble names (boys, girls, Asian, baby, surnames are all popular name ideas). Opting for letters or digits that look like names is a reasonable and understandable approach to take when looking for personalised plates. It is also a lot easier to find a personalised number plate that you always dreamed of with this approach. For example, your combination can start with a few letters and numbers and then a gap followed by more number, letters, and symbols. You can spell out your name with a combination of a few notes and numbers. see our 'Name Plates' page here

A Special Date

Choosing a date that is special to you and your family as your number plate is another excellent idea. For example, a car owner can choose some initials and combine them with a date such as their date of the wedding, child’s date of birth, or anything else similar to that. Of course, everyone has at least one special date that is meaningful to them for a reason. Using these dates to come up with a combination of a customised number plates is an excellent idea. Perhaps you don’t want a name that says something outwardly, but instead, the one that is special to you. For example, a car owner can choose a combination that contain symbols, letters, numbers, and dates that are meaningful to their lives. Many people often opt for names of their kids combined with numbers and letters or combinations of their family members’ initials. You can also go for something fun before the initials instead of spelling your name straightforward. For example, one can use M155 for Miss and combine it with initials or a short name. You can also use B16 to represent Big, but many other combinations work the same. See our Birthday Number Plates page for more info.

You might be aware that you are interested in a private personalised number plate. However, that doesn’t mean that you know which combination of symbols, letters, and numbers work for your car registration model. Fortunately, the internet is cluttered with a lot of ideas that may help you find a combination that works better for you. Choosing the right custom-made number plate for a car can sometimes be challenging. Combining numbers and letters to form a zodiac sign, your favourite sport’s team, or your name is no joke. You have to be creative enough and think out of the box to come up with a combination that suits all your needs. See many more Search Ideas here.

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