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Buying A New Car And A New Personalised Number Plate

So you have been to the car showroom and purchased the car of your dreams that is set to be delivered in a few weeks. The vehicle will be registered with a "normal" age related registration number. However, you decide that you want to be different and for your new car to be special and look better than the "norm".

Firstly of course, now you have your dream car on order, you have to find your perfect personalised number plate. There are literally millions to choose from all over the internet. Choosing can be a headache if you are unsure exactly what you want. There are many opportunities for most drivers, CarReg offer the following ideas in order of popularity;

  1. Most drivers choose initials, a driver who's name is David Paul Smith may go for something like DS70 DPS which would only be £155 (+ VAT + £80 transfer).
  2. Some drivers may wish to combine theirs and their partner's initials, David Paul Smith and his partner who is Kelly Anne Smith may choose KS70 DPS or DS70 KAS.
  3. Other drivers may choose sports like the triathlon (SBR for swim, bike, run), pets names, or DOG or CAT. Company letters are very popular as there can be 100% tax relief.
  4. Another popular one for drivers can be vehicle makes and models, BMW is probably the most popular

Please try the CarReg database, our system is very easy to use, totally unique and holds over one million records which can be searched within a flash, all from a PC or mobile device.

Once you have chosen you dream personalised number plate, you should advise the garage as soon as possible before they register the vehicle with the normal number. As soon as the deal is done and dusted, the number plate dealer will provide either a V750 or a V778 government holding certificate for your new personalised number (a v750 certificate of entitlement is issued when the number has never previously been on a vehicle, while a V778 is a retention document for previously issued numbers that have all been on vehicles). To register your new vehicle with your new number plate, all you need to do is provide (copies should be fine) the holding certificate to the car dealer. Registration should be carried out easily.

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